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3-Dec-2015Unmögliches möglich machen : LEDs als günstige Energiesammler für autarke KleinstenergieverbraucherMeli, Marcel; Roth, Niklas
Dec-2015Future acceptance of wind energy production : exploring future local acceptance of wind energy production in a Swiss alpine regionSpiess, Harry; Lobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; Marcolla, Andrea
13-Nov-2015Morphological control applied embodied intelligence in mechanical and biological systems offering new perspectives to creativity support systemsFüchslin, Rudolf Marcel
6-Nov-2015A remote pilot station for enhanced situation awareness-
5-Nov-2015Virtuelle Prototypen sichtbar machenHug, Peter
27-Oct-2015Agile adolescence to maturity : experience leads to collaborationMeier, Andreas; Kropp, Martin
16-Oct-2015Multiplicity of equilibria in conjectural variations models of natural gas marketsBaltensperger, Tobias; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Krütli, Pius; Lygeros, John
8-Oct-2015Agile adolescence to maturity : experience leads to collaborationMeier, Andreas; Kropp, Martin
Oct-2015Exoskeletons for industrial application and their potential effects on physical work loadde Looze, Michiel P.; Bosch, Tim; Krause, Frank; Stadler, Konrad S.; O’Sullivan, Leonard W.
28-Sep-2015Industrial Si solar cells with Cu based plated contactsHorzel, Jörg T.; Shengzhao, Yuan; Bay, Norbert; Passig, Michael; Pysch, Damian, et al
24-Sep-2015Intense, carrier frequency and bandwidth tunable quasi single-cycle pulses from an organic emitter covering the Terahertz frequency gapVicario, C.; Monoszlai, B.; Jazbinsek, M.; Lee, S.-H.; Kwon, O.-P., et al
9-Sep-2015Item fit statistics in common software for Rasch analysisMüller, Marianne; Kreiner, Svend
Sep-2015An effective area approach to model lateral degradation in organic solar cellsZüfle, Simon; Neukom, Martin T.; Altazin, Stéphane; Zinggeler, Marc; Chrapa, Marek, et al
1-Sep-2015Agile adolescence to maturity : WorkshopMeier, Andreas; Kropp, Martin
27-Aug-2015Förderung von energiesparendem Verhalten in Städten : Vereine als Umsetzungsakteure für Suffizienzmassnahmen?Moser, Corinne
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