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5-Feb-2021Depressive symptoms in Swiss university students during the COVID-19 pandemic and their correlatesVolken, Thomas; Zysset, Annina; Amendola, Simone; Klein Swormink, Anthony; Huber, Marion, et al
Oct-2020Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Amsterdam Instrumental Activities of Daily Living questionnaire short version German for SwitzerlandBruderer-Hofstetter, Marina; Dubbelman, Mark A.; Meichtry, André; Koehn, Florian; Münzer, Thomas, et al
1-May-2020Environmental pre-requisites and social interchange : the participation experience of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder in ZurichKrieger, Beate; Piškur, Barbara; Schulze, Christina; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
Feb-2020Interprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit im Delir-Management gestaltenMoser, Andrea; Grosse, Christine Uta; Knüppel Lauener, Susanne
25-Jan-2020High-intensity interval training affects physical components of quality of life and skills in daily activities in multiple sclerosis : interim analysis of a randomized controlled trialProschinger, Sebastian; Weise, Andrea; Gonzenbach, Roman; Bansi, Jens, et al
21-Jan-2020Implementation of a multiprofessional, multicomponent delirium management guideline in two intensive care units, and its effect on patient outcomes and nurse workload : a pre-post design retrospective cohort studySchubert, Maria; Bettex, Dominique; Steiger, Peter; Schrch, Roger; Haller, Alois, et al
2020Development of a model on factors affecting instrumental activities of daily living in people with mild cognitive impairment : a Delphi studyBruderer-Hofstetter, Marina; Sikkes, Sietske A. M.; Münzer, Thomas; Niedermann Schneider, Karin
2020Therapeutic success in relapse prevention in alcohol use disorder : the role of treatment motivation and drinking-related treatment goalsSenn, Smeralda; Odenwald, Michael; Sehrig, Sarah; Haffke, Peter; Rockstroh, Brigitte, et al
2020Human arm weight compensation in rehabilitation robotics : efficacy of three distinct methodsJust, Fabian; Özen, Özhan; Tortora, Stefano; Klamroth-Marganska, Verena; Riener, Robert, et al
27-Nov-2019The utility of nursing instruments for daily screening for delirium : delirium causes substantial functional impairmentBode, Leonie; Isler, Florian; Fuchs, Simon; Marquetand, Justus; Petry, Heidi, et al
14-Nov-2019Predisposing and precipitating risk factors for delirium in palliative care patientsSeiler, Annina; Schubert, Maria; Hertler, Caroline; Schettle, Markus; Blum, David, et al
19-Sep-2019Delirium in the intensive care setting dependent on the Richmond Agitation and Sedation Scale (RASS) : inattention and visuo-spatial impairment as potential screening domainsBoettger, Soenke; Meyer, Rafael; Richter, André; Rudiger, Alain; Schubert, Maria, et al
11-Sep-2019Clinical management of delirium - the response depends on the subtypes : an observational cohort study in 602 patientsZipser, Carl Moritz; Knoepfel, Silvana; Hayoz, Peter; Schubert, Maria; Ernst, Jutta, et al
2019Riding a tram, visiting a library and serving at a fish market : an environment - focused view on participation of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder in ZurichKrieger, Beate; Schulze, Christina; Piskur, Barbara; Beurskens, Anna; Moser, Albine
2019Validity and variability of center of pressure measures to quantify trunk control in stroke patients during quiet sitting and reaching tasksNäf, Olivia Bernadette; Bauer, Christoph; Zange, Christian; Rast, Fabian
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