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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
May-2019Assessing usability of a prototype soft exoskeleton by involving people with gait impairmentsGraf, Eveline; Bauer, Christoph; Schülein, Samuel; de Eyto, Adam; Power, Valerie, et al
26-Feb-2019Design and evaluation of a soft assistive lower limb exoskeletonDi Natali, Christian; Poliero, Tommaso; Sposito, Matteo; Graf, Eveline; Bauer, Christoph, et al
2019Exoscore: a design tool to evaluate factors associated with technology acceptance of soft lower limb exosuits by older adultsShore, Linda; Power, Valerie; Hartigan, Bernard; Schülein, Samuel; Graf, Eveline, et al
2019Revigo : ein Trainings-, Forschungs- und Ausbildungszentrum für effiziente und intensive RehabilitationGraf, Eveline; Stoller, Oliver; Müller, Clemens; Wehrli, Michael
2019Pelvic floor muscles after birth : do unstable shoes have an effect on pelvic floor activity and can this be measured reliably? – a feasibility studyGraf, Eveline; Borner, Barbara; Pehlke-Milde, Jessica
4-Oct-2018Solving real life problems : bridging user needs and engineering for digital health solutionsGraf, Eveline; Wirz, Markus
27-Sep-2018Technologie-basierte ambulante Therapie : wie der vermehrte Einsatz von Technologie die Gesundheitsberufe verändern kannGraf, Eveline
Jun-2018Evaluation of XoSoft Beta-1 lower limb exoskeleton on a post stroke patientSposito, Matteo; Poliero, Tommaso; Di Natali, Christian; Ortiz, Jesus; Pauli, Carole, et al
7-Mar-2018Roboter als Therapeuten der ZukunftGraf, Eveline
2018Energy efficiency analysis and design optimization of an actuation system in a soft modular lower limb exoskeletonOrtiz, Jesus; Poliero, Tommaso; Cairoli, Giovanni; Graf, Eveline; Caldwell, Darwin G.
2018Evaluation of a passive exoskeleton for static upper limb activitiesHuysamen, Kirsten; Bosch, Tim; de Looze, Michiel; Stadler, Konrad S.; Graf, Eveline, et al
2018Basic functionality of a prototype wearable assistive soft exoskeleton for people with gait impairments : a case studyGraf, Eveline S.; Pauli, Carole; Erkens, Laura; Brinks, Ger; O'Sullivan, Leonard, et al
2018Soft wearable device for lower limb assistance : assessment of an optimized energy efficient actuation prototypePoliero, Tommaso; Di Natali, Christian; Sposito, Matteo; Ortiz, Jesus; Graf, Eveline, et al
2017XoSoft : development of a soft modular lower limb exoskeletonBuurke, Jaap; Nikamp, Corien; Baten, Chris; Bauer, Christoph; Graf, Eveline, et al
2017Effect of torsional stiffness on biomechanical variables of the lower extremity during runningGraf, Eveline; Wannop, John William; Schlarb, Heiko; Stefanyshyn, Darren
Results 1-15 of 27 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).