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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Schreiben in der Finanzwelt : Analysen, Methoden, PraxistippsWhitehouse, Marlies
2-Nov-2018Financial literacy : a key to understand the language of numbersWhitehouse, Marlies
2018The language of numbers : transdisciplinary action research and financial communicationWhitehouse, Marlies
2018The pragmatics of financial communication - part 2 : from public sphere to investorsWhitehouse, Marlies; Palmieri, Rudi; Perrin, Daniel
2018The pragmatics of financial communication - part 1 : from sources to the public spherePalmieri, Rudi; Perrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
Sep-2017Financial analysts and their role in financial communication and investor relationsWhitehouse, Marlies
2017Financial literacy : a key to the real worldWhitehouse, Marlies; Wanzenried, Gabrielle; Kovarova-Simecek, Monika
2017Do financial analysts take investors' financial literacy into account?Whitehouse, Marlies
2017The language of numbers : understanding financial communication from an AL perspective - the case of trust and financial literacyWhitehouse, Marlies
2017The social costs of financial illiteracy : an analysis of the communicative interplay between financial analysts and investorsWhitehouse, Marlies
3-Nov-2016Transdisciplinary research and cross-disciplinary mediation : the case of financial communicationPerrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
4-Apr-2016Wo Worte Geld bedeutenWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Financial analysts' recommendations as telltale sign of persuasion drivers in the financial marketsWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Financial analysts as cross-domain translatorsPerrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
2016Mein Text, unser Text, euer Text : Recycling und Rebranding am Beispiel von FinanztextenWhitehouse, Marlies
Results 1-15 of 24 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).