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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Record-light weight c-Si modules based on the small unit compound approach : mechanical load tests and general resultsNussbaumer, Hartmut; Klenk, Markus; Keller, Nico; Ammann, Peter; Thurnheer, Jan
2019Scenario-based identification of key factors for smart cities development policiesSokolov, Alexander; Veselitskaya, Natalia; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente; Yildirim, Onur
14-Mar-2019Schlussbericht : PVT-Solarkraftwerk linth-arena sgu - Strom und Wärme vom DachSperr, Nadia; Rohrer, Jürg
2015Simulating the capacity expansion of renewable energies in the Swiss electricity marketKubli, Merla; Moxnes, Erling
2015Simulation der Blendwirkung von SolaranlagenRohrer, Jürg
2016Small unit compound modules : a new approach for light weight PV modulesNussbaumer, Hartmut; Klenk, Markus; Keller, Nico
2018Social life cycle assessment : specific approach and case study for SwitzerlandLobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn; López, Luis; Kuehn, Tobias; Roth, Raoul; Carabias-Hütter, Vicente, et al
2015Sonnenenergie für die StrasseBergmann, Thomas; Danesi, Serena
2012Spectral response measurement of tandem modulesBaumgartner, Franz; Schaer, D.; Achtnich, Silvan
2013Spectral sensitivity analyses of tandem modules using standard flasher and dynamic LED backlightSchär, Daniel; Baumgartner, Franz
2018Squaring the sunny circle? On balancing distributive justice of power grid costs and incentives for solar prosumersKubli, Merla
2018Stability of organic solar cells with PCDTBT donor polymer : an interlaboratory studyCiammaruchi, Laura; Oliveira, Ricardo; Charas, Ana; Tulus, N.N.; von Hauff, Elizabeth, et al
2014Stochastic optimal planning of solar thermal powerPoland, Jan; Stadler, Konrad S.
2016Teaching renewable energy systems by use of simulation software : experience at iniversities of applied sciences, in in-service training, and from international know-how transferWitzig, Andreas; Wolf, Andreas; Kunath, Lars; Prandini, Markus
2018Techno-economic analysis of battery storage and curtailment in a distribution grid with high PV penetrationSegundo Sevilla, Felix Rafael; Parra, David; Wyrsch, Nicolas; Patel, Martin K.; Kienzle, Florian, et al
2018Techno-economic evaluation of voltage dependent active and reactive power control to reduce voltage violations in distribution gridsKnecht, Raphael; Carigiet, Fabian; Schwab, Alain; Korba, Petr; Baumgartner, Franz
2017The contribution of water surface Fresnel reflection to BIPV yieldDammeier, Franziska; Happle, Gabriel; Rohrer, Jürg
30-Sep-2017The environmental mitigation potential of photovoltaic-powered irrigation in the production of South African maizeWettstein, Sarah; Muir, Karen; Scharfy, Deborah; Stucki, Matthias
2018The flexible prosumer : measuring the willingness to co-create distributed flexibilityKubli, Merla; Loock, Moritz; Wüstenhagen, Rolf
2015The Swiss PV wall system to maximise self-consumption in a single building elementNussbaumer, Hartmut; Lantschner, Daniel; Baumgartner, Franz; Knecht, Raphael; Böhler, J., et al