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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2002Evidenz für Übungen und Training bei lumbalem Rückenschmerz (LBP)Luomajoki, Hannu
2003Evidenz in der Wirksamkeit von GesundheitskommunikationSüss, Daniel
2019Evolution of self-organized microcapsules with variable conductivities from self-assembled nanoparticles at interfacesMihali, Voichita; Honciuc, Andrei
Aug-2018Evolution of water diffusion in a sorption-enhanced methanation catalystDelmelle, Renaud; Terreni, Jasmin; Remhof, Arndt; Heel, Andre; Proost, Joris, et al
6-Jun-2018Examining community-level collaborative vs. competitive approaches to enhance household electricity-saving behaviorWemyss, Devon; Castri, Roberta; Cellina, Francesca; De Luca, Vanessa; Lobsiger-Kägi, Evelyn, et al
May-2018Exercise and other non-pharmaceutical interventions for cancer-related fatigue in patients during or after cancer treatment : a systematic review incorporating an indirect-comparisons meta-analysisHilfiker, Roger; Meichtry, Andre; Eicher, Manuela; Nilsson Balfe, Lina; Knols, Ruud H., et al
Apr-2011Exercise programs in trials for patients with ankylosing spondylitis : do they really have the potential for effectiveness?Dagfinrud, Hanne; Halvorsen, Silje; Vollestad, Nina K.; Niedermann Schneider, Karin; Kvien, Tore K., et al
24-Sep-2004Exon skipping of cathepsin B : mitochondrial targeting of a lysosomal peptidase provokes cell deathMüntener, Kathrin; Zwicky, Roman; Csucs, Gabor; Rohrer, Jack; Baici, Antonio
2-Dec-2015Exopolysaccharides from co-cultures of Weissella confusa 11GU-1 and Propionibacterium freudenreichii JS15 act synergistically on wheat dough and bread textureTinzl-Malang, Saskia Katharina; Rast, Peter; Grattepanche, Franck; Sych, Janice Marie; Lacroix, Christophe
Oct-2015Exoskeletons for industrial application and their potential effects on physical work loadde Looze, Michiel P.; Bosch, Tim; Krause, Frank; Stadler, Konrad S.; O’Sullivan, Leonard W.
1-Jul-2014Experience from downscaling IPCC-SRES scenarios to specific national-level focus scenarios for ecosystem service managementWalz, A.; Brändle, J.M.; Lang, D.J.; Brand, Fridolin S.; Briner, S., et al
2016Experiences of general practitioners, home care nurses, physiotherapists and seniors involved in a multidisciplinary home-based fall prevention programme : a mixed method studyAmacher-Schelldorfer, Astrid Esther; Nast, Irina; Zindel, Barbara; Schmid, Lukas; Krafft, Valérie, et al
16-Nov-2015Experiences with a benchtop-scale glass bioreactor : engineering data and cultivation resultsKaiser, Stephan; Perepelitsa, Nadja; Dittler, Ina; Eibl, Dieter
2019Experiences with a psychosocial screening instrument (S‐FIRST) to identify the psychosocial support needs of parents of children suffering from cancerHaunberger, Sigrid; Rüegger, Cornelia; Baumgartner, Edgar
1997Experiences with anilinopyrimidines in SwitzerlandRüegg, J.; Lauber, H.P.; Siegfried, W.; Viret, O.; Hilber, Urs
May-2017Experimental characterization and simulation of a piezo-actuated micro dispensing valveBonhoeffer, Bastian; Boldrini, Marlon; Boiger, Gernot Kurt; Kwade, Arno; Juhnke, Michael
2002Experimental observation of critical depletion : nitrous oxide adsorption on silica gelRajendran, Arvind; Hocker, Thomas; Di Giovanni, Orazio; Mazzotti, Marco
3-May-2019Experimental parameter uncertainty in PEM fuel cell modeling : part II: sensitivity analysis and importance rankingVetter, Roman; Schumacher, Jürgen O.
2001Experts vs novices : l'utilisation de sources d'information pendant le processus de traductionKünzli, Alexander
2001Experts vs novices : la traduction du dialogue fictif dans les textes publicitairesKünzli, Alexander