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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2016Towards an observatory for network transparency researchNeuhaus, Stephan; Müntener, Roman; Edeline, Korian; Donnet, Benoit; Gubser, Elio
Jul-2019Towards low-carbon conferencing : acceptance of virtual conferencing solutions and other sustainability measures in the ALIFE communityFellermann, Harold; Penn, Alexandra S.; Füchslin, Rudolf M.; Bacardit, Jaume; Goñi-Moreno, Angel
2017Towards quantifiable boundaries for elastic horizontal scaling of microservicesRamírez López, Manuel; Spillner, Josef
2019Towards reproducible research of event detection techniques for TwitterWeiler, Andreas; Schilling, Harry; Kircher, Lukas; Grossniklaus, Michael
2019Towards sustainable ecosystems for cloud functionsBogado-Sarubbi, Yessica; Benitez-Davalos, Walter; Spillner, Josef; Lopez-Pires, Fabio
2014Traffic analyzer front-end for complex IEEE 802.15.4 applicationsDündar, Dario; Hegetschweiler, Lukas; Meli, Marcel
2015TRAL : tandem repeat annotation librarySchaper, Elke; Korsunsky, Alexander; Pečerska, Jūlija; Messina, Antonio; Murri, Riccardo, et al
2017Transfer learning and sentence level features for named entity recognition on tweetsvon Däniken, Pius; Cieliebak, Mark
2019Transformation zum digitalen Versicherungsbroker : das Beispiel OptimatisZeier Röschmann, Angela; Erny, Matthias
2015Translation process research in the workplaceEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen; Massey, Gary
2014Translators in the loop : understanding how they work with CAT toolsEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen
2019Travelers with disabilities : challenges and assistive technologiesDarvishy, Alireza
2015TSN communication controller designs : assisting security and reliability by designDoran, Hans; Weber, Karl
2003Tutorial on IEEE 1588 : standard for a precision clock synchronization protocol for networked measurement and control systemsWeibel, Hans
2016Twitter can help to find adverse drug reactionsCieliebak, Mark; Egger, Dominic; Uzdilli, Fatih
2016Two machine learning approaches for short-term wind speed time-series predictionAk, Ronay; Fink, Olga; Zio, Enrico
2003Ubiquitous Computing : betriebswirtschaftliche Potentiale geerdeter InformationssystemeChrist, Oliver; Fleisch, Elgar
2003Ubiquitous Computing : von der Vernetzung von Computern zur Vernetzung von DingenChrist, Oliver; Fleisch, Elgar
2007UDDI als zentrale Komponente zur Publikation von ProzessenKeller, Thomas
2004Uhren mit IEEE 1588 synchronisieren : auf eine Mikrosekunde genau im lokalen NetzwerkWeibel, Hans