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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Aug-2023Adopting an affordance taxonomy to better understand play transactions within playgroundsMorgenthaler, Thomas; Schulze, Christina; Pentland, Duncan; Lynch, Helen
26-Aug-2023Belonging on playgrounds : focusing on children’s play occupations to enhance inclusive designWenger, Ines; Prellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen; Schulze, Christina
May-2018Children's play in occupational therapy : a comparison between Switzerland, Ireland and SwedenSchulze, Christina; Prellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen; Moore, Alice
4-Sep-2023Children’s experiences of playground characteristics that contribute to play value and inclusion : insights from a meta-ethnographyWenger, Ines; Lynch, Helen; Prellwitz, Maria; Schulze, Christina
2023Creating inclusive environments for play : can Universal Design address children’s needs and wishes?Wenger, Ines; Prellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen; Schulze, Christina
May-2018Designing for social participation : a Universal Design approach to making playgrounds for allPrellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen; Schulze, Christina
2022Designing inclusive playgrounds in Switzerland : why is it so complex?Wenger, Ines; Prellwitz, Maria; Lundström, Ulrica; Lynch, Helen; Schulze, Christina
2023Environmental qualities that enhance outdoor play in community playgrounds from the perspective of children with and without disabilities : a scoping reviewMorgenthaler, Thomas; Schulze, Christina; Pentland, Duncan; Lynch, Helen
2023Introducing a new audit to investigate play value for inclusion in community playgroundsMorgenthaler, Thomas; Lynch, Helen; Pentland, Duncan; Schulze, Christina
31-Aug-2023Making secret hiding places : an occupation of childhoodWenger, Ines; Kantartzis, Sarah; Lynch, Helen; Schulze, Christina; Jackson, Jeanne
2021P4PLAY: researching people, place, policy and practice for play from the lens of occupational science : "Oh’ the places you’ll go: children’s adventures in real world and digital playgrounds"Loudoun, Fiona; Wenger, Ines; Boyle, Brian; Larsson-Lund, Maria; Prellwitz, Maria, et al
2021P4PLAY: researching people, place, policy and practice for play from the lens of occupational science : innovative evidence-informed solutions in school and community contextsMorgenthaler, Thomas; Bergin, Michelle; Schulze, Christina; Prellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen, et al
30-Aug-2022Playing outdoor : a review of instruments that assess play value of community playgrounds for innovative context-based occupational therapyMorgenthaler, Thomas; Schulze, Christina; Lynch, Helen; Pentland, Duncan
19-Aug-2022Playspaces within playspaces : exploring children’s experiences of play occupation within playgroundsWenger, Ines; Prellwitz, Maria; Schulze, Christina; Lynch, Helen
12-Jul-2018Promoting or preventing play for children with disabilities in Europe : perspectives from policy and practiceSchulze, Christina; Prellwitz, Maria; Lynch, Helen
2022Slidable, climbable, hidable : exploring the theory of affordances for understanding person-environment transactionMorgenthaler, Thomas; Schulze, Christina; Jackson, Jeanne; Kantartzis, Sarah; Lynch, Helen
27-Aug-2022The r-evolution of school based occupational therapy (SBOT) through international collaboration and innovationKaelin, Vera; Kramer-Roy, Debbie; Ulbrich-Ford, Sophie; Lynch, Helen; Piskur, Barbara, et al
2017The state of play in children's occupational therapy : a comparison between Ireland, Sweden and SwitzerlandLynch, Helen; Prellwitz, Maria; Schulze, Christina; Alice, Moore
18-Oct-2019Together at school! : the emergence of new practices in school-based occupational therapyUlbrich-Ford, Sophie; Kramer-Roy, Debbie; Lynch, Helen; Lenaerts, Reinhilde; Meuser, Sarah, et al