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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20191000 members until Bremen!Dengler, Jürgen; Andrade, Bianca; Guarino, Riccardo; Li, Frank Yonghong; Loidi, Javier
2013A plant sociological approach for extensive green roofs in Mediterranean areasCatalano, Chiara; Guarino, Riccardo; Brenneisen, Stephan
13-Mar-2019General patterns of species-area relationships emerging from nearly 5,000 grassland plotsDengler, Jürgen; Matthews, Thomas J.; Biurrun, Idoia; Steinbauer, Manuel J.; Conradi, Timo, et al
10-Apr-2018GrassPlot : the database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslandsDengler, Jürgen; Biurrun, Idoia; Conradi, Timo; Dembicz, Iwona; Guarino, Riccardo, et al
23-Dec-2019GrassPlot v. 2.00 : first update on the database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslandsBiurrun, Idoia; Burrascano, Sabina; Dembicz, Iwona; Guarino, Riccardo; Kapfer, Jutta, et al
2016I tetti verdi di tipo estensivo : biodiversità ad alta quotaCatalano, Chiara; Brenneisen, Stephan; Baumann, Nathalie; Guarino, Riccardo
Mar-2020On the trails of Josias Braun-Blanquet II : first results from the 12th EDGG Field Workshop studying the dry grasslands of the inneralpine dry valleys of SwitzerlandDengler, Jürgen; Guarino, Riccardo; Moysiyenko, Ivan; Vynokurov, Denys; Boch, Steffen, et al
2018Some European green roof norms and guidelines through the lens of biodiversity : do ecoregions and plant traits also matter?Catalano, Chiara; Laudicina, Vito Armando; Badalucco, Luigi; Guarino, Riccardo
2016Thirty years unmanaged green roofs : ecological research and design implicationsCatalano, Chiara; Marcenò, Corrado; Laudicina, Vito Armando; Guarino, Riccardo
2021Urban services to ecosystems : green infrastructure benefits from the landscape to the urban scaleCatalano, Chiara; Andreucci, Maria Beatrice; Guarino, Riccardo; Bretzel, Francesca; Leone, Manfredi, et al