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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2015Accident compensation corporation claim status and benefit type is associated with low back pain outcomesCornwall, Jon; Elfering, Achim; Crawford, Rebecca; Melloh, Markus
2013Association between beliefs and care-seeking behavior for low back painMannion, Anne F.; Wieser, Simon; Elfering, Achim
2011-10Cost of low back pain in Switzerland in 2005Wieser, Simon; Horisberger, Bruno; Schmidhauser, Sara; Eisenring, Claudia; Brügger, Urs; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Dietrich, Jürg; Mannion, Anne F.; Elfering, Achim; Tamcan, Özgür; Müller, Urs
2008Differences across health care systems in outcome and cost-utility of surgical and conservative treatment of chronic low back pain : a study protocolMelloh, Markus; Röder, Christoph; Elfering, Achim; Theis, Jean-Claude; Müller, Urs; Staub, Lukas P.; Aghayev, Emin; Zweig, Thomas; Barz, Thomas; Kohlmann, Thomas; Wieser, Simon; Jüni, Peter; Zwahlen, Marcel
2015Does injury claim status and benefit status predict low back pain outcomes?Melloh, Markus; Cornwall, Jon; Crawford, Rebecca J.; Elfering, Achim
2018Eye tracking as a debriefing tool in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) for general aviation pilotsRyffel, Chiara; Mühlethaler, Céline; Huber, Sandro; Elfering, Achim
2016Gesellschaftliche Bedeutung und Kosten von StressElfering, Achim; Brunner, Beatrice; Igic, Ivana; Keller, Anita C.; Weber, Lukas
2014Job-Stress-Index 2014 : Erhebung von Kennzahlen zu psychischer Gesundheit und Stress bei Erwerbstätigen in der SchweizIgic, Ivana; Keller, Anita; Elfering, Achim; Semmer, Norbert; Brunner, Beatrice; Wieser, Simon
2014Low back pain risk factors associated with persistence, recurrence and delayed presentationMelloh, Markus; Elfering, Achim; Stanton, Tasha R.; Barz, Thomas; Aghayev, Emin; Röder, Christoph; Theis, Jean-Claude
2016Nontechnical skills training in air traffic management including computer-based simulation methods : from scientific analyses to prototype trainingKnecht, Chiara; Mühlethaler, Céline; Elfering, Achim
2014Relationship between depressive symptoms and acute low back pain at first medical consultation, three and six weeks of primary careElfering, Achim; Käser, Anja; Melloh, Markus
2009Dem Rückenschmerz ein Gesicht gebenMüller, Urs; Mannion, Anne F.; Wieser, Simon; Tamcan, Özgür; Ruckstuhl, Andreas; Elfering, Achim; Eisenring, Claudia; Schmidhauser, Sara; Horisberger, Bruno
2015-04What is the best time point to identify patients at risk of developing persistent low back pain?Melloh, Markus; Elfering, Achim; Käser, Anja; Rolli Salathé, Cornelia; Crawford, Rebbeca J.; Barz, Thomas; Zweig, Thomas; Aghayev, Emin; Röder, Christoph; Theis, Jean-Claude