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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-2020A methodology for creating question answering corpora using inverse data annotationDeriu, Jan Milan; Mlynchyk, Katsiaryna; Schläpfer, Philippe; Rodrigo, Alvaro; von Grünigen, Dirk, et al
2020DoQA : accessing domain-specific FAQs via conversational QACampos, Jon Ander; Otegi, Arantxa; Soroa, Aitor; Deriu, Jan Milan; Cieliebak, Mark, et al
Dec-2022Improving NL-to-Query systems through re-ranking of semantic hypothesisvon Däniken, Pius; Deriu, Jan Milan; Agirre, Eneko; Brunner, Ursin; Cieliebak, Mark, et al
2018LIHLITH : improving communication skills of robots through lifelong learningAgirre, Eneko; Marchand, Sarah; Rosset, Sophie; Peñas, Anselmo; Cieliebak, Mark
2019LIHLITH : learning to interact with humans by lifelong interaction with humansAgirre, Eneko; Otegi, Arantxa; Pradel, Camille; Rosset, Sophie; Peñas, Anselmo, et al
2019Matching words and knowledge graph entities with meta-embeddingsSileo, Damien; Pradel, Camille; Peñas, Anselmo; Echegoyen, Guillermo; Otegi, Arantxa, et al
Nov-2020Spot The Bot : a robust and efficient framework for the evaluation of conversational dialogue systemsDeriu, Jan Milan; Tuggener, Don; von Däniken, Pius; Campos, Jon Ander; Rodrigo, Alvaro, et al
10-May-2019Survey on evaluation methods for dialogueDeriu, Jan Milan; Rodrigo, Alvaro; Otegi, Arantxa; Guillermo, Echegoyen; Rosset, Sophie, et al
2020Survey on evaluation methods for dialogue systemsDeriu, Jan Milan; Rodrigo, Alvaro; Otegi, Arantxa; Echegoyen, Guillermo; Rosset, Sophie, et al