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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2010Quantitative comparison of single- and two-particle properties in the cupratesPrestel, W.; Venturini, Francesca; Muschler, B.; Tütto, I.; Hackl, R., et al
Dec-2002Quantum interference phenomena between impurity states in d-wave superconductorsMichelucci, Umberto; Venturini, Francesca; Kampf, Arno
2002Raman scattering in solidsOpel, Matthias; Venturini, Francesca
2003Raman scattering study of electronic correlations in cuprates : observation of an unconventional metal insulator transitionGross, Rudolf L.; Kinder, Helmut; Venturini, Francesca
Aug-2002Raman scattering versus infrared conductivity : evidence for one-dimensional conduction in La(2-x)Sr(x)CuO(4)Venturini, Francesca; Zhang, Q. -M.; Hackl, R.; Lucarelli, A.; Lupi, S., et al
1999Raman spectroscopy in YBa2Cu3O6+x and Bi2Sr2(CaxY1-x)Cu2O8+d : pseudogap and superconducting gapOpel, M.; Nemetschek, R.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Erb, A., et al
2006Raman study of ordering phenomena in copper–oxygen systemsHackl, R.; Tassini, L.; Venturini, Francesca; Erb, A.; Hartinger, Ch., et al
2000Superconducting gap and pseudogap in Bi-2212Opel, M.; Venturini, Francesca; Hackl, R.; Revaz, B.; Berger, H., et al
12-Nov-2008Superconductive magnet assembly with hysteresis-free magnetic coilsVenturini, Francesca; Schauwecker, Robert; Bovier, Pierre-Alain
2015Temperature sensing and sensor design using a new thermographic phosphor for a wide range of applicationsBorisov, Sergey; Klimant, Ingo; Bürgi, René; Venturini, Francesca
2017Ultracompact oxygen sensor using nanoporous materials as strongly-scattering multipass cell for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopyVenturini, Francesca; Schönherr, Veit; Adolfsson, Erik