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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
19-Aug-2020The constitutive work of non-humans at the development of a (self)-tracking technology : a reconstruction from the actor-network-theoryScheermesser, Mandy
2017The effect of motivational interviewing on physical activity in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : a systematic reviewRausch Osthoff, Anne-Kathrin; Scheermesser, Mandy; Kahrmann, Nicolas
18-Apr-2019The effect of motivational interviewing on physical activity in subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease : systematic reviewKahrmann, Nicolas; Scheermesser, Mandy; Rausch, Anne-Kathrin
14-Aug-2021The influence of pulmonary rehabilitation and counselling on perceptions of physical activity in individuals with COPD : a qualitative studyScheermesser, Mandy; Reicherzer, Leah; Beyer, Swantje; Gisi, David; Rezek, Spencer, et al
29-Apr-2022The pivotal function of non-human actors in the acceptability of the body technology, Actibelt® : a reconstruction based on actor-network-theoryScheermesser, Mandy
2008User acceptance of pervasive computing in healthcare: main findings of two case studiesScheermesser, Mandy; Kosow, Hannah; Rashid, Asarnusch; Holtmann, Carsten
May-2022Verschiedene Gesundheitskonzepte im Rahmen der digitalen SelbstvermessungMeidert, Ursula; Scheermesser, Mandy
2019Who makes the treatment choice? : a randomized controlled trial of a German model of primary care with greater physiotherapists’ autonomyNast, Irina; Scheermesser, Mandy; Wirz, Markus; Schämann, Astrid