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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Industrie 4.0 Geschäftsmodelle : ein Analyse-Raster zum Erkennen von Industrie 4.0 Potenzialen und notwendigen VeränderungenDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike; Amgarten, Janick
2009Influence of external information sources on lean improvements : an exploratory modelBoyle, Todd A.; Scherrer, Maike; Stuart, Ian
2009Intelligent products-service systems : online monitoring services in the European tooling IndustryOschmann, Georg; Scherrer, Maike; Schittny, Bastian
2012International R&D and manufacturing networks : dynamism, structure and absorptive capacityDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike; Dietl, Helmut
2013Introducing a development decoupling point in manufacturing networksScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia
2014Knowledge transfer barriers in manufacturing networksDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike; Schöbel, Markus
2010Lead Factory : die Antwort auf den zunehmenden Kostendruck in HochlohnländernScherrer-Rathje, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Friedli, T.
2009Lean, take two! : reflections from the second attempt at lean implementationScherrer-Rathje, Maike; Boyle, Todd A.; Deflorin, Patricia
2011Learning to be lean : the influence of external information sources in lean improvementsBoyle, Todd A.; Scherrer‐Rathje, Maike; Stuart, Ian
2010Die Leitfabrik : innovativ und effizient zugleich?Deflorin, Patricia; Scherrer-Rathje, Maike; Dietl, Helmut
2015Linking network targets and site capabilities : a conceptual framework to determine site contributions to strategic manufacturing network targetsThomas, Simone; Scherrer, Maike; Fischl, Maria; Friedli, Thomas
2017Linking QFD and the manufacturing network strategy : integrating the site and network perspectivesScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia
2019Managing digital innovation in manufacturing companiesDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike
2014Manufacturing flexibility through outsourcing : effects of contingenciesScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Anand, Gopesh
2011Manufacturing flexibility through outsourcing : impact of contingenciesScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Anand, Gopesh
2019Manufacturing network coordination in the digital ageDeflorin, Patricia; Scherrer, Maike; Schillo, Katrin; Ziltener, Andreas
2010Outsourcing and its impact on manufacturing flexibility : it all depends on contingenciesScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Anand, George
2013Plant role portfolios in global manufacturing networks : a conceptual frameworkScherrer, Maike; Simone, Thomas; Friedli, Thomas
2017Prerequisite for lateral knowledge flow in manufacturing networksScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia
2017Prerequisites for a beneficial knowledge transfer between manufacturing plantsScherrer, Maike; Deflorin, Patricia; Szász, Levente; Rász, Bela