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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Guest editors introduction : special issue on user feedback and software quality in the mobile domainPanichella, Sebastiano; Guzman, Emitza; Pasquale, Liliana; Seyff, Norbert; Di Sorbo, Andrea
2020How developers engage with static analysis tools in different contextsVassallo, Carmine; Panichella, Sebastiano; Palomba, Fabio; Proksch, Sebastian; Gall, Harald C., et al
19-Jul-2021How to identify class comment types? : a multi-language approach for class comment classificationRani, Pooja; Panichella, Sebastiano; Leuenberger, Manuel; Di Sorbo, Andrea; Nierstrasz, Oscar
14-Sep-2020Investigating the criticality of user‐reported issues through their relations with app ratingDi Sorbo, Andrea; Grano, Giovanni; Visaggio, Corrado Aaron; Panichella, Sebastiano
2020Java unit testing tool competitionDevroey, Xavier; Panichella, Sebastiano; Gambi, Alessio
2022JUGE : an infrastructure for benchmarking Java unit test generatorsDevroey, Xavier; Gambi, Alessio; Galeotti, Juan Pablo; Just, René; Kifetew, Fitsum, et al
9-Dec-2022Machine learning-based test selection for simulation-based testing of self-driving cars softwareBirchler, Christian; Khatiri, Sajad; Bosshard, Bill; Gambi, Alessio; Panichella, Sebastiano
2021Makar : a framework for multi-source studies based on unstructured dataBirrer, Mathias; Rani, Pooja; Panichella, Sebastiano; Nierstrasz, Oscar
2022NLBSE’22 tool competitionKallis, Rafael; Chaparro, Oscar; Di Sorbo, Andrea; Panichella, Sebastiano
2018On the usage of pythonic idiomsAlexandru, Carol V.; Merchante, José J.; Panichella, Sebastiano; Proksch, Sebastian; Gall, Harald C., et al
2020Predicting issue types on GitHubKallis, Rafael; Di Sorbo, Andrea; Canfora, Gerardo; Panichella, Sebastiano
2020Requirements-collector : automating requirements specification from elicitation sessions and user feedbackPanichella, Sebastiano; Ruiz, Marcela
2020Revisiting test smells in automatically generated tests : limitations, pitfalls, and opportunitiesPanichella, Annibale; Panichella, Sebastiano; Fraser, Gordon; Sawant, Anand Ashok; Hellendoorn, Vincent J.
2021SBST tool competition 2021Panichella, Sebastiano; Gambi, Alessio; Zampetti, Fiorella; Riccio, Vincenzo
23-Aug-2018Service Prototyping Lab Report - 2018 (Y3)Al-Ameen, Mohammed; Dorodko, Serhii; Harsh, Piyush; Junker, Stefan; Perez Belmonte, Manuel, et al
Jan-2023Simulation-based test case generation for unmanned aerial vehicles in the neighborhood of real flightsKhatiri, Sajad; Panichella, Sebastiano; Tonella, Paolo
2022Single and multi-objective test cases prioritization for self-driving cars in virtual environmentsBirchler, Christian; Khatiri, Sajad; Derakhshanfar, Pouria; Panichella, Sebastiano; Panichella, Annibale
2021Structural coupling for microservicesPanichella, Sebastiano; Rahman, Mohammad; Taibi, Davide
2023Summary of the 1st Natural Language-based Software Engineering Workshop (NLBSE 2022)Di Sorbo, Andrea; Panichella, Sebastiano
2022Test smells 20 years later : detectability, validity, and reliabilityPanichella, Annibale; Panichella, Sebastiano; Fraser, Gordon; Sawant, Anand; Hellendoorn, Vincent