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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2018Movement control impairments : current developmentsLuomajoki, Hannu
2011Movement control of the back is impaired in patients with pain in other body regionsLuomajoki, Hannu
2012Movement control of the back is impaired in patients with pain in other body regionsLuomajoki, Hannu
2008Movement control tests of the low back : evaluation of the difference between patients with low back pain and healthy controlsLuomajoki, Hannu; Kool, Jan; De Bruin, Eling D.; Airaksinen, Olavi
2013Muskelklassifikationen - lokal – gobal – piepegal? : Physiotherapie bei unspezifischen Rückenschmerzen - wir brauchen alle Muskeln!Luomajoki, Hannu
2017Nackenschmerzen : Befund, Unterteilung und TherapieLuomajoki, Hannu; Ernst, Markus
2018Neue Erkenntnisse zur Wechselwirkung von Schmerz und PhysiotherapieLuomajoki, Hannu
2017Neueste Erkenntnisse aus der Physiotherapieforschung : Rückenschmerzen und KörperwahrnehmungLuomajoki, Hannu
2008Neurodynaamiset testit ja hoito niskapotilaillaLuomajoki, Hannu
2018Neurogenes Thoracic Outlet SyndromAegerter, Andrea Martina; Luomajoki, Hannu
2018Neuropaattisen kivun tunnistus, testit ja fysioterapiaLuomajoki, Hannu
2013Neuropatian testausLuomajoki, Hannu
19-Jun-2020On-site multi-component intervention to improve productivity and reduce the economic and personal burden of neck pain in Swiss office-workers (NEXpro) : protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trialAegerter, Andrea; Deforth, Manja; Johnston, Venerina; Ernst, Markus; Volken, Thomas, et al
2017Pain mechanismsLuomajoki, Hannu
2006PEDro databaseLuomajoki, Hannu
2017Phantom sensations, body awareness and pain in the handLuomajoki, Hannu
Nov-2016Physio zuerst!Luomajoki, Hannu; Dietschi, Irène
2016Physiotherapie : Gezielte Interventionen mit umfassender WirkungLuomajoki, Hannu
2016Physiotherapie : Irrtümer gestern – Fortschritte morgenLuomajoki, Hannu
2002Placebo – Bedeutung in der PhysiotherapieLuomajoki, Hannu