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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2020A common good perspective on deliberative democracy in business : learning from Aristotle’s ethicsFrémeaux, Sandrine; Vögtlin, Christian
29-Sep-2019Ein aktivistischer CEO ist profitabler als nur ein CEOVögtlin, Christian
2021Blinded by a social cause? : differences in cognitive biases between social and commercial entrepreneursHietschold, Nadine; Vögtlin, Christian
8-Aug-2019CEOs who take a political stand are seen as a bonus by job applicantsVögtlin, Christian
2021Cornerstones of responsible innovationVögtlin, Christian; Scherer, Andreas Georg
2020Corporate governance for responsible innovation : approaches to corporate governance and their implications for sustainable developmentScherer, Andreas Georg; Vögtlin, Christian
13-Apr-2022Crise de sens, urgence climatique : faut-il ouvrir les entreprises aux philosophes?Vögtlin, Christian; Girard-Guerraud, Carine
Jun-2023Discourse ethicsVögtlin, Christian
22-Jul-2019Être ou ne pas être chief philosophy officerVögtlin, Christian
2021Global governance : CSR and the role of the UN Global CompactVögtlin, Christian; Pless, Nicola M.
2021Grand societal challenges and responsible innovationVögtlin, Christian; Scherer, Andreas Georg; Stahl, Günter K.; Hawn, Olga
2022La tricyclerie : comment accélérer et faire croître une entreprise sociale?Avetisyan, Emma; Vögtlin, Christian; Billon, Coline
18-Dec-2019L’activisme sociopolitique des PDG attire de nouveaux talentsVögtlin, Christian
11-Mar-2022MNCs as responsible political actors in global business : challenges and implications for human resource managementScherer, Andreas; Vögtlin, Christian
2023MNCs as responsible political actors in global business : challenges and implications for human resource managementVögtlin, Christian; Scherer, Andreas
2019Neuroscience research and ethical leadership : insights from a neurological micro-foundationVoegtlin, Christian; Walthert, Ina-Maria; Robertson, Diana C.
4-Dec-2022Pathways to social value and social change : an integrative review of the social entrepreneurship literatureHietschold, Nadine; Voegtlin, Christian; Scherer, Andreas Georg; Gehman, Joel
2021Quelle est la définition idéale du leadership responsable?Vögtlin, Christian
2020Responsible global leaders as drivers of responsible innovationVögtlin, Christian; Patzer, Moritz
12-Oct-2020Responsible innovation : implications for corporate governanceScherer, Andreas Georg; Vögtlin, Christian