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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2022A systematic overview on methods to protect sensitive data provided for various analysesTempl, Matthias; Sariyar, Murat
2017Analysis and forecasting of Austrian mortality data with methods of compositional data analysisTempl, Matthias; Weinauer, Marlene
2020Analysis of chemical compounds in beverages : guidance for establishing a compositional analysisTempl, Matthias; Templ, Barbara
2019Anonymisierung aus wissenschaftlicher SichtTempl, Matthias
2020Anonymisierung von personenbezogenen DatenTempl, Matthias
9-Nov-2020Anonymization and re-identification risk of personal dataTempl, Matthias
23-Apr-2019Applied compositional data analysisTempl, Matthias
2018Applied compositional data analysis : with worked examples in RFilzmoser, Peter; Hron, Karel; Templ, Matthias
2017Applied statistical disclosure control : methods and softwareTempl, Matthias
2021Artificial neural networks to impute rounded zeros in compositional dataTempl, Matthias
18-Dec-2020Artificial neural networks to impute rounded zeros in compositional dataTempl, Matthias
2021Can we ignore the compositional nature of compositional data by using deep learning aproaches?Templ, Matthias
2016Change of plant phenophases explained by survival modelingTempl, Barbara; Fleck, Stefan; Templ, Matthias
6-Oct-2020Classical and robust regression analysis with compositional datavan den Boogaart, K.G.; Filzmoser, P.; Hron, K.; Templ, M.; Tolosano-Delgado, R.
2021Coincidence of temperature extremes and phenological events of grapevinesTempl, Barbara; Templ, Matthias; Barbieri, Roberto; Meier, Michael; Zufferey, Vivan
2021Comparison of zero replacement strategies for compositional data with large numbers of zerosLubbe, Sugnet; Filzmoser, Peter; Templ, Matthias
2018Compositional data analysis of our favourite drinksTempl, Matthias
2016Compositional Tables Analysis in CoordinatesFačevicová, Kamila; Hron, Karel; Todorov, Valentin; Templ, Matthias
2016Data visualization using RTempl, Matthias
2019Evaluation of robust outlier detection methods for zero-inflated complex dataTempl, Matthias; Gussenbauer, J.; Filzmoser, P.