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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20162. Mathematical compensation of multi-modulation artefacts in medium resolution gas-phase spectra using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopySchilling, Mathias; Stohner, Jürgen
20163. Synthesis and derivative resolution of halogenated enantiomersManov, Stole; Galati, Vanessa; Meister, Manuela; Spenger, Benjamin; Stohner, Jürgen
2024A brief guide to measurement uncertainty (IUPAC Technical Report)Possolo, Antonio; Hibbert, David Brynn; Stohner, Jürgen; Bodnar, Olha; Meija, Juris
2011A concise summary of quantities, units and symbols in physical chemistryStohner, Jürgen; Quack, Martin
2017A critical review of the proposed definitions of fundamental chemical quantities and their impact on chemical communities (IUPAC Technical Report)Marquardt, Roberto; Meija, Juris; Mester, Zoltan; Towns, Marcy; Weir, Ron, et al
2000Ab initio calculation and spectroscopic analysis of the intramolecular vibrational redistribution in 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroiodoethane CF3CHFIPochert, Jörg; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Willeke, Martin
2016Absolute configuration from different multifragmentation pathways in light-induced coulomb explosion imagingPitzer, Martin; Kastirke, Gregor; Kunitski, Maksim; Jahnke, Till; Bauer, Tobias, et al
22-Mar-2018Absolute ion detection efficiencies of microchannel plates and funnel microchannel plates for multi-coincidence detectionFehre, K.; Trojanowskaja, D.; Gatzke, J.; Kunitski, M.; Trinter, F., et al
11-May-2011All you probably never wanted to know about molecular parity violationStohner, Jürgen
2003Analysis of the high resolution infrared spectrum of monodeuterated ethylene oxide between 850-950 cm^-1Keppler Albert, Karen; Albert, Sieghard; Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Trapp, Oliver, et al
2001Analytical 3-body intercation potential for hydrogen aggregates and consequences for the vibrational dynamics of (HF)n, n>=3Quack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen; Suhm, Martin
2014Chiral moleculesStohner, Jürgen
2012Chiral molecules : spectroscopy, dynamics and fundamental lawsStohner, Jürgen
11-Sep-2013Chiral molecules in molecular spectroscopyStohner, Jürgen
2003Combined multidimensional anharmonic and parity violating effects in CDBrClFQuack, Martin; Stohner, Jürgen
2003Conference report : physical methods for molecular and biomolecular structure and dynamicsAlbert Keppler, Karen; Albert, Sieghard; Gottselig, Michael; Hippler, Michael; Hollenstein, Hans, et al
2011Conventions, symbols, quantities, units and constants for high-resolution molecular spectroscopyStohner, Jürgen; Quack, Martin
2018Definition of the mole (IUPAC Recommendation 2017)Marquardt, Roberto; Meija, Juris; Mester, Zoltán; Towns, Marcy; Weir, Ron, et al
10-May-2017Demodulation of multimodulation artifacts in Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopySchilling, Mathias; Stohner, Jürgen
2019Determination of absolute stereochemistry of flexible molecules using a vibrational circular dichroism spectra alignment algorithmBöselt, Lennard; Sidler, Dominik; Kittelmann, Tobias; Stohner, Jürgen; Zindel, Daniel, et al