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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2-Jan-2024A comprehensive survey of deep transfer learning for anomaly detection in industrial time series : methods, applications, and directionsYan, Peng; Abdulkadir, Ahmed; Luley, Paul-Philipp; Rosenthal, Matthias; Schatte, Gerrit A., et al
9-Jun-2021A survey of un-, weakly-, and semi-supervised learning methods for noisy, missing and partial labels in industrial vision applicationsSimmler, Niclas; Sager, Pascal; Andermatt, Philipp; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Schilling, Frank-Peter, et al
22-Apr-2022A theory of natural intelligencevon der Malsburg, Christoph; Stadelmann, Thilo; Grewe, Benjamin F.
Jun-2022Advances in deep neural networks for visual pattern recognitionStadelmann, Thilo; Schilling, Frank-Peter
Jun-2015AI in SwitzerlandDessimoz, Jean-Daniel; Koehler, Jana; Stadelmann, Thilo
14-Jun-2019Applied data science : lessons learned for the data-driven businessBraschler, Martin; Stadelmann, Thilo; Stockinger, Kurt
2013Applied data science in Europe : challenges for academia in keeping up with a highly demanded topicStadelmann, Thilo; Stockinger, Kurt; Braschler, Martin; Cieliebak, Mark; Baudinot, Gerold, et al
Nov-2020Artificial neural networks in pattern recognitionSchilling, Frank-Peter; Stadelmann, Thilo
Sep-2020Artificial neural networks in pattern recognition : proceedings of the 9th IAPR TC3 workshop, ANNPR 2020, Winterthur, Switzerland, September 2–4, 2020Schilling, Frank-Peter; Stadelmann, Thilo
21-Dec-2023Assessing deep learning : a work program for the humanities in the age of artificial intelligenceSegessenmann, Jan; Stadelmann, Thilo; Davison, Andrew; Dürr, Oliver
28-Aug-2023Assessing deep learning : a work program for the humanities in the age of artificial intelligenceSegessenman, Jan; Stadelmann, Thilo; Andrew, Davison; Oliver, Dürr
14-Jun-2019Automated machine learning in practice : state of the art and recent resultsTuggener, Lukas; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Rombach, Katharina; Lörwald, Stefan; Varlet, Anastasia, et al
31-May-2024Automated process monitoring in injection molding via representation learning and setpoint regressionYan, Peng; Abdulkadir, Ahmed; Aguzzi, Giulia; Schatte, Gerrit A.; Grewe, Benjamin F., et al
14-Jun-2019Beyond ImageNet : deep learning in industrial practiceStadelmann, Thilo; Tolkachev, Vasily; Sick, Beate; Stampfli, Jan; Dürr, Oliver
27-Oct-2021Bias, awareness, and ignorance in deep-learning-based face recognitionWehrli, Samuel; Hertweck, Corinna; Amirian, Mohammadreza; Glüge, Stefan; Stadelmann, Thilo
2018Capturing suprasegmental features of a voice with RNNs for improved speaker clusteringStadelmann, Thilo; Glinski-Haefeli, Sebastian; Gerber, Patrick; Dürr, Oliver
31-Aug-2020Combining reinforcement learning with supervised deep learning for neural active scene understandingRoost, Dano; Meier, Ralph; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni; Stadelmann, Thilo
10-Mar-2022Data centrism and the core of Data Science as a scientific disciplineStadelmann, Thilo; Klamt, Tino; Merkt, Philipp H.
2019Data productsMeierhofer, Jürg; Stadelmann, Thilo; Cieliebak, Mark
14-Jun-2019Data scienceBraschler, Martin; Stadelmann, Thilo; Stockinger, Kurt