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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
25-May-2022A MAPE-K approach to autonomic microservicesBucchiarone, Antonio; Guidi, Claudio; Lanese, Ivan; Bencomo, Nelly; Spillner, Josef
2019A mixed-method empirical study of Function-as-a-Service software development in industrial practiceLeitner, Philipp; Wittern, Erik; Spillner, Josef; Hummer, Waldemar
8-Jul-2020A study on ĐApps characteristicsQasse, Ilham Ahmed; Spillner, Josef; Abu Talib, Manar; Nasir, Qassim
2019A systematic and open exploration of FaaS researchAl-Ameen, Mohammed; Spillner, Josef
9-Jun-2021Analysis and improvement of heterogeneous hardware support in Docker imagesGkikopoulos, Panagiotis; Schiavoni, Valerio; Spillner, Josef
2017Analysis of Mozambican websites : how do they protect their users?Spillner, Josef; Stefan, Köpsell; Vumo, Ambrósio Patrício
22-Nov-2022AVOC : history-aware data fusion for reliable IoT analyticsGkikopoulos, Panagiotis; Kropf, Peter; Schiavoni, Valerio; Spillner, Josef
6-Dec-2021Beyond @CloudFunction : powerful code annotations to capture serverless runtime patternsKlingler, Raffael; Trifunovic, Nemanja; Spillner, Josef
2017Cloud robotics : SLAM and autonomous exploration on PaaSToffetti Carughi, Giovanni; Lötscher, Tobias; Kenzhegulov, Saken; Spillner, Josef; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2017Cloud-native databases : an application perspectiveSpillner, Josef; Ramírez López, Manuel; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni
2018Co-transformation to cloud-native applications : development experiences and experimental evaluationSpillner, Josef; Bogado, Yessica; Benítez, Walter; López Pires, Fabio
5-Nov-2020Comparison and model of compression techniques for smart cloud log file handlingSpillner, Josef
2022Decentralised data quality control in ground truth production for autonomic decisionsGkikopoulos, Panagiotis; Schiavoni, Valerio; Spillner, Josef
27-Jun-2023Demo: SLASH: Serverless Apache Spark HubSpillner, Josef
8-Mar-2022Demo: Smart waste disposal with edge-cloud continuum architectureSpillner, Josef; Liu, Mengwei; Zhan, Peng
3-Feb-2023Digitalisation in shopping : an IoT and smart applications perspectiveCvetkovski, Oliver; Gkikopoulos, Panagiotis; Spillner, Josef
25-Apr-2021Education support structure for teaching multimodal programming in the cyber-physical spaceSpillner, Josef
25-Apr-2021Examination cheat risk reduction through FIPEsSpillner, Josef
2015Experimental evaluation of the cloud-native application designBrunner, Sandro; Blöchlinger, Martin; Toffetti Carughi, Giovanni; Spillner, Josef; Bohnert, Thomas Michael
2019Extensible declarative management of cloud resources across providersSerhiienko, Oleksii; Gkikopoulos, Panagiotis; Spillner, Josef