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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-2021A lower bound for sequentially placing boxes at the moving assembly line to minimize walking timeSedding, Helmut
21-Apr-2021An FPTAS for scheduling with piecewise-linear nonmonotonic convex time-dependent processing times and job-specific agreeable slopesSedding, Helmut
Jul-2019Das digitale Produktions-PuzzleSedding, Helmut
1-Jun-2021IISE Transaction Award für Artikel zur algorithmischen Laufwege-Optimierung am FliessbandSedding, Helmut
Oct-2019Industrie 4.0 von morgen diskutiertHerrmann, Thomas; Sedding, Helmut
24-May-2021Line side placement for shorter assembly line worker pathsSedding, Helmut
Feb-2020Line side placement for shorter assembly line worker pathsSedding, Helmut A.
6-Jun-2023Lot sizing and scheduling of injection molding machines with setup resources and demand uncertaintySedding, Helmut; Seidel, Maxim
2-Sep-2023Mixed-model moving assembly line material placement optimization for a shorter time-dependent worker walking timeSedding, Helmut A.
18-Sep-2019Die Produktion von morgenHerrmann, Thomas; Sedding, Helmut
8-Sep-2020Scheduling jobs with a V-shaped time-dependent processing timeSedding, Helmut A.
2019Scheduling with asymmetric piecewise-linear time-dependent processing timesSedding, Helmut
2016Scheduling with time-dependent discrepancy timesJaehn, Florian; Sedding, Helmut
2-Jun-2022Scheduling with time-dependent processing time functions of V-shaped linear piecesSedding, Helmut
2020Time-dependent path scheduling : algorithmic minimization of walking time at the moving assembly lineSedding, Helmut A.