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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2014Analysis of off-the-shelf stereo camera system bumblebee XB3 for the fruit volume and leaf area estimationSeatovic, Dejan; Meiser, Vincent; Brand, Martin; Scherly, Daniel
2018Basic functionality of a prototype wearable assistive soft exoskeleton for people with gait impairments : a case studyGraf, Eveline S.; Pauli, Carole; Erkens, Laura; Brinks, Ger; O'Sullivan, Leonard, et al
26-Feb-2019Design and evaluation of a soft assistive lower limb exoskeletonDi Natali, Christian; Poliero, Tommaso; Sposito, Matteo; Graf, Eveline; Bauer, Christoph, et al
2016Design of a passive, iso-elastic upper limb exoskeleton for gravity compensationAltenburger, Ruprecht; Scherly, Daniel; Stadler, Konrad S.
2018Effect of recreational trails on forest birds : human presence mattersBötsch, Yves; Tablado, Zulima; Scherly, Daniel; Kéry, Marc; Graf, Roland Felix, et al
2017Exoskeletons in industry : designs and their potentialStadler, Konrad S.; Scherly, Daniel
2016Robo-Mate an exoskeleton for industrial use : concept and mechanical designStadler, Konrad S.; Altenburger, Ruprecht; Schmidhauser, Emilio; Scherly, Daniel; Ortiz, J., et al
2014Sensors requirements for robust single plant detection in real timeSeatovic, Dejan; Meiser, Vincent; Scherly, Daniel
Oct-2018XoSoft connected monitor (XCM) unsupervised monitoring and feedback in soft exoskeletons of 3D kinematics, kinetics, behavioral context and control system statusBaten, Chris T. M.; de Vries, Wiebe; Schaake, Leendert; Witteveen, Juryt; Scherly, Daniel, et al