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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2021Automated detection of urban heat islands based on satellite imagery, digital surface models, and a low-cost sensor networkSchlögl, Sebastian; Bader, Nico; Anet, Julien Gérard; Frey, Martin; Spirig, Curdin, et al
2021Building a new high-density air temperature measurement network in two Swiss citiesAnet, Julien G.; Schlögl, Sebastian; Spirig, Curdin; Frey, Martin P.; Renold, Manuel, et al
2004Climate modeling with a Linux clusterRenold, Manuel; Beyerle, Urs; Raible, Christoph; Knutti, Reto; Stocker, Thomas, et al
2011E-Gates at Zurich AirportSteiner, Albert; Breu, Robin; Bruderer, Patrick; Renold, Manuel
2007Effects of salt compensation on the climate model response in simulations of large changes of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulationStocker, Thomas; Timmermann, Axel; Renold, Manuel; Timm, Oliver
2005Externally forced and internal variability in ensemble climate simulations of the Maunder MinimumYoshimori, Masakzu; Stocker, Thomas; Raible, Christoph; Renold, Manuel
2006Indian Ocean zonal mode activity in a multicentury integration of a coupled AOGCM consistent with climate proxy dataMölg, Thomas; Renold, Manuel; Vuille, Mathias; Cullen, Nicolas J.; Stocker, Thomas F., et al
2023Methodological framework for a deeper understanding of airline profit cycles in the context of disruptive exogenous impactsRenold, Manuel; Vollenweider, Janik; Mijović, Nemanja; Kuljanin, Jovana; Kalić, Milica
2005Northern hemispheric trends of pressure indices and atmospheric circulation patterns in observations, reconstructions, and coupled GCM simulationsRaible, Christoph; Stocker, Thomas; Yoshimori, Masakazu; Renold, Manuel; Beyerle, Urs, et al
2006On the interpretation of low-latitude hydrological proxy records based on Maunder Minimum AOGCM simulationsYoshimori, Masakazu; Raible, Christoph; Stocker, Thomas; Renold, Manuel
Jan-2010Simulated decadal oscillations of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in a cold climate stateYoshimori, Masakazu; Raible, Christoph C.; Stocker, Thomas F.; Renold, Manuel
2010Simulated resumption of the North Atlantic meridional overturning circulation : slow basin-wide advection and abrupt local convectionRenold, Manuel; Raible, C.C.; Yoshimori, M.; Stocker, T.F.
2007Simulations using the CCSM3 comprehensive AOGCM : mechanisms of abrupt climate change and natural variability during the last centuriesKeine Angabe; Renold, Manuel
2019The comparison of financial performance of airlines with different business model operated in long-haul marketRenold, Manuel; Kuljanin, Jovana; Kalić, Milica
2021The effect of LCC market entry on dominant FSC's price into long haul sector : a case of Norwegian competition on British Airways' prices on selected transatlantic routesKuljanin, Jovana; Kalić, Milica; Begović, Boris; Mijović, Nemanja; Renold, Manuel
2018The impact of low-cost carrier on traditional airline' fares on intercontinental routesKuljanin, Jovana; Kalic, Milica; Mijovic, Nemanja; Renold, Manuel
2007The influence of a weakening of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation on ENSOTimmermann, Axel; Okumura, Y.; An, S.-I.; Clement, A.; Dong, B., et al