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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
22-Dec-2022Assessment of the suitability of millet for the production of pastaSchmid, Tamara; Loschi, Marco; Hiltbrunner, Jürg; Müller, Nadina
30-Aug-2021Biochemically assisted rice whitening for improving head rice yieldSchefer, Larissa; Conde‐Petit, Béatrice; Müller, Nadina
8-Oct-2020Daily and meal-based assessment of dairy and corresponding protein intake in Switzerland : results from the National Nutrition Survey menuCHInanir, Dilara; Kaelin, Ivo; Pestoni, Giulia; Faeh, David; Müller, Nadina, et al
20-May-2023Design and functionality of a prototype for cold needle perforation of wheatStäheli, Luca; Schwab, Lisa; Kinner, Mathias; Müller, Nadina
15-Sep-2022Effect of particle characteristics and foaming parameters on resulting foam quality and stabilityRüegg, Ramona; Schmid, Tamara; Hollenstein, Lukas; Müller, Nadina
Sep-2022Effectiveness of perforation methods for wheat kernelsStäheli, Luca; Kinner, Mathias; Müller, Nadina
2020Evaluation of innovative technological approaches to replace palmoil with physically modified Swiss rapeseed oil in bakery productsSchmid, Tamara; Baumer, Beatrice; Rüegg, Ramona; Näf, Patrick; Kinner, Mathias, et al
2020Evaluation of the effect of a novel membrane filtration system on the life span of frying oilGeiger, Philippe; Buchli, Jürg; Rüegg, Ramona; Müller, Nadina
2023Heat and shear stability of particle stabilised foams for application in gluten‑free breadSchmid, Tamara; Leue, Ramona; Müller, Nadina
Dec-2021Impact of selected baking and vacuum cooling parameters on the quality of toast breadKinner, Mathias; Rüegg, Ramona; Weber, Claudia A.; Buchli, Jürg; Durrer, Ludwig, et al
Dec-2018Kakaopulpe : Rohmaterial mit PotentialMüller, Claudia; Müller, Nadina
7-Jul-2022Mycotoxins reduction strategies to reintroduce grain side product streams into the food value chainAndré, Amandine; Freimüller Leischtfeld, Susette; Mischler, Sandra; Hecht, Katrin; Stäheli, Luca, et al
2022Occurrence of zearalenone and enniatin B in Swiss wheat grains and wheat floursAndré, Amandine; Müller, Nadina; Chetschik, Irene
2020The effectiveness of the IpOp model decision tree to calibrate projects at the pre-project stageMüller, Nadina; Moses, Mark; Cohen, Raphaël