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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Feb-2013A candidate gene for fire blight resistance in Malus × robusta 5 is coding for a CC-NBS-LRRFahrentrapp, Johannes; Broggini, Giovanni A. L.; Kellerhals, Markus; Peil, Andreas; Richter, Klaus, et al
2013A candidate gene of Malus x robusta 5 for breeding towards fire blight resistanceFahrentrapp, Johannes; Broggini, GAL; Peil, A; Kellerhals, M; Malnoy, M, et al
2018AAPM : automated airborne pest monitoringFahrentrapp, Johannes; Roosjen, Peter; Kooistra, Lammert; Gregory, Billy J.; Green, David R.
2018AAPM : automated airborne pest monitoringFahrentrapp, Johannes; Roosjen, Peter; Kooistra, Lammert; Green, David R.
2018AAPM : automated airborne pest monitoringFahrentrapp, Johannes
2015Airborne and ground-based platforms for data collection in small vineyards: examples from the UK and SwitzerlandGreen, David R.; Gómez, Cristina; Fahrentrapp, Johannes
2018Automated airborne pest monitoring of drosophila suzukii in crops and natural habitatsRoosjen, Peter; Lammert, Kooistra; Fahrentrapp, Johannes; Green, David R.
18-Apr-2016Budget remote phenotyping : potential and limitations of consumer-grade NIRGB and red edge cameras for early detection of plant leaf diseasesFahrentrapp, Johannes; Geilhausen, Martin; Laube, Patrick
2013Cisgenic approach for improved disease resistance in appleBroggini, GAL; Durel, CE; Vergne, E; Chevreau, E; Fahrentrapp, Johannes, et al
2019Detection of gray mold leaf infections prior to visual symptom appearance using a five-band multispectral sensorFahrentrapp, Johannes; Ria, Francesco; Geilhausen, Martin; Panassiti, Bernd
13-Jan-2018Disease-specific genes expressed in compatible plant-pathogen interactions : examples from tomato leavesFahrentrapp, Johannes; Rezzonico, Fabio
Feb-2016Do susceptible plants recognize their enemy?Rupp, Oliver; Nicot, Philippe; Fahrentrapp, Johannes; Rezzonico, Fabio; Duffy, Brion
Jun-2019Drohnen helfen, die Kirschessigfliege automatisch zu überwachenFahrentrapp, Johannes
Mar-2014Engineering fire blight resistance into the apple cultivar 'Gala' using the FB_MR5 CC-NBS-LRR resistance gene of Malus × robusta 5 GiovanniBroggini, Giovanni A. L.; Wöhner, Thomas; Fahrentrapp, Johannes; Kost, Thomas D.; Flachowsky, Henryk, et al
2011Fine mapping of fire blight resistance locus in Malus x Robusta 5 on linkage group 3Fahrentrapp, Johannes; Broggini, GAL; Gessler, C; Kellerhals, M; Peil, A, et al
2012Fire blight resistance of Malus x robusta 5Gessler, Cesare; McDonald, Bruce; Peil, Andreas; Fahrentrapp, Johannes
2019First European leaf-feeding grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch) survey in Swiss and German commercial vineyardsForneck, A.; Mammerler, R.; Tello, J.; Breuer, M.; Müller, J., et al
2017Gene expression analyses of selected genes of Vitis vinifera during early infection stages of Plasmopara viticola and Botrytis cinereaEichmann, Julia; Rezzonico, Fabio; Fahrentrapp, Johannes
2018Génétique des populations et lutte contre le phylloxéraLinder, Christian; Kehrli, Patrik; Forneck, Astrid; Fahrentrapp, Johannes
2014Grape PhylloxeraFahrentrapp, Johannes