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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2022Approaches to qualitative comparative analysis and good practices : a systematic reviewThomann, Eva; Ege, Jörn; Paustyan, Ekaterina
2021Avoiding disciplinary garbage cans : a pledge for a problem-driven approach to researching international public administrationEge, Jörn; Bauer, Michael W.; Bayerlein, Louisa; Eckhard, Steffen; Knill, Christoph
2019Bureaucracy and InternationalizationSchomaker, Rahel M.; Bauer, Michael W.; Ege, Jörn
18-Nov-2022Conditions of influence : policy effects of IPA autonomy in comparative perspectiveBauer, Michael W.; Ege, Jörn; Wagner, Nora
2022Evidence-based policymaking in times of acute crisis : comparing the use of scientific knowledge in Germany, Switzerland, and ItalyHadorn, Susanne; Sager, Fritz; Mavrot, Céline; Malandrino, Anna; Ege, Jörn
2021How do international bureaucrats affect policy outputs? : studying administrative influence strategies in international organizationsEge, Jörn; Bauer, Michael W.; Wagner, Nora
4-May-2023How street‐level dilemmas and politics shape divergence : the accountability regimes frameworkThomann, Eva; Maxia, James; Ege, Jörn
2019Improving generalizability in transnational bureaucratic influence research : a (modest) proposalEge, Jörn; Bauer, Michael W; Wagner, Nora
2022International public administration and politicsEge, Jörn
2019Learning from the commission case : the comparative study of management change in international public administrationsEge, Jörn
28-Feb-2024Means of bureaucratic influence : the interplay between formal autonomy and informal styles in international bureaucraciesBauer, Michael; Eckhard, Steffen; Ege, Jörn; Knill, Christoph
18-Nov-2022No actorness without autonomy : researching IPAs’ role in transnational policy-makingBauer, Michael; Ege, Jörn
2019Perspectives on international public administration research : a rejoinder to Johan Christensen and Kutsal YesilkagitBauer, Michael W.; Bayerlein, Louisa; Ege, Jörn; Knill, Christoph; Trondal, Jarle
31-Mar-2020Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) in public administrationThomann, Eva; Ege, Jörn
30-Aug-2023Structured, focused comparisonJankauskas, Vytautas; Eckhard, Steffen; Ege, Jörn
2018The challenge of administrative internationalization : taking stock and looking aheadBauer, Michael W.; Ege, Jörn; Schomaker, Rahel
16-Nov-2022Under what conditions does bureaucracy matter in the making of global public policies?Ege, Jörn; Bauer, Michael W.; Wagner, Nora; Thomann, Eva
2020What international bureaucrats (really) wantEge, Jörn