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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017A bio-inspired auto-velocity detection algorithm for autonomous robotsGwerder, Erhard; Doran, Hans Dermot
2009A communication technique for swarm-capable autonomous agentsDoran, Hans Dermot
Jun-2021A comparison of security implementations of embedded networked devicesMeisterhans, Judith; Doran, Hans Dermot; Zimmerli, Lea; Rüst, Andreas
2004Agile knowledge management in practiceDoran, Hans Dermot
2018Anforderungen an Information Security Lösungen für Industrial Real-Time Ethernet NetzwerkeMüller, Thomas; Doran, Hans; Walz, Andreas
2018Atlas : examining the wider context of assistive roboticsDoran, Hans; Neumann, Silke; Becker, Heidrun Karin; Kollmar, Anja; Misoch, S., et al
2018Challenges and prospects of communication security in real-time ethernet automation systemsMüller, Thomas; Walz, Andreas; Kiefer, Manuel; Doran, Hans; Sikora, Axel
2009Charting a path to success : the start-up phase of a Swiss research and development instituteDoran, Hans
2011Communication aspects of wind turbine control architecture re-designGort, Sandro; Doran, Hans Dermot; Weber, Karl; Hennchen, Norbert
2011Communication-bus observer used to help secure an area around robotic operating environmentsDoran, Hans
2020Conceptual design of human-drone communication in collaborative environmentsDoran, Hans Dermot; Reif, Monika Ulrike; Oehler, Marco; Stöhr, Curdin; Capone, Pierluigi
Mar-2021Dependable neural networks through redundancy, a comparison of redundant architecturesDoran, Hans Dermot; Ganz, David; Ielpo, Gianluca; Zapke, Michael
2012Dynamic frame packing in industrial applications using COTS componentsSchoch, Jonas; Ganz, David; Doran, Hans; Weber, Karl
2021Dynamic lockstep processors for applications with functional safety relevanceDoran, Hans Dermot; Lang, Timo
2009Embedded real-time-ethernet in data acquisition applicationsDoran, Hans
2018Embedded velocity measurement using a sensor based on a fly eyeDoran, Hans
2011Embedding real time ethernet : EtherNet/IP on resource constricted platformsFischer, Silvan; Doran, Hans Dermot
2011Embedding real time ethernet : examining feasibility of separating bus master and application master in industrial POWERLINK implementationsKünzle, Cyrill; Bursic, Damir; Doran, Hans
23-Jun-2020Examining redundancy in the context of safe machine learningDoran, Hans Dermot; Reif, Monika Ulrike
2014Extending summation-frame communication systems for high performance and complex automation applicationsGanz, David; Doran, Hans Dermot