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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Achieving grid parity of wind power in China : present levelized cost of electricity and future evolutionTu, Qiang; Betz, Regina; Mo, Jianlei; Fan, Ying; Liu, Yu
2020Active or passive? : companies’ use of the EU ETSSchleich, Joachim; Lehmann, Sascha; Cludius, Johanna; Abrell, Jan; Betz, Regina, et al
2018Aktuelle Vorschläge für den schweizerischen Strommarkt : inwiefern werden dadurch erneuerbare Energien gefördertSchleiniger, Reto; Betz, Regina
2017Auction format and auction sequence in multi-item multi-unit auctions : an experimental studyBetz, Regina; Greiner, Ben; Schweitzer, Sascha; Seifert, Stefan
2018Can carbon pricing support onshore wind power development in China? : an assessment based on a large sample project datasetTu, Qiang; Betz, Regina; Mo, Jianlei; Fan, Ying; Liu, Yu
Nov-2015Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms : Overview, Implementation in Selected European Jurisdictions, and Implications for SwitzerlandBetz, Regina; Cludius, Johanna; Riesz, Jenny
2022Climate protection and increase in population : understanding the correlations and how growth can be regulatedBetz, Regina; Bächtold, Michèle
18-Oct-2021Consumer-centric and capital efficient design of community microgrids for financially-strapped communitiesGui, Emi Minghui; MacGill, Iain; Betz, Regina
23-Aug-2021Corporate emissions-trading behaviour during the first decade of the EU ETSAbrell, Jan; Cludius, Johanna; Lehmann, Sascha; Schleich, Joachim; Betz, Regina
2014Designing prediction markets for international negotiations : lessons learnt from the climate summit in CopenhagenBetz, Regina; Cludius, Johanna; Twomey, Paul
Apr-2015Disentangling the Effects of Swiss Energy and Climate PoliciesBetz, Regina; Leu, Thomas; Schleiniger, Reto
2015Emissions trading in practice : lessons learnt from the EU Emissions trading schemeBetz, Regina
May-2021Emissions trading in pursuit of electricity decarbonisation - market structures and regulations matterAcworth, William; Kunemann, Ernst; Boute, Anatole; Betz, Regina
9-Nov-2018Energy efficiency subsidies, additionality and incentive compatibility under hidden informationShen, Peiyao; Betz, Regina; Yong, Soo Keong, et al
7-Jun-2016Environmental tax evaluation : what can be learnt so far?Leu, Thomas; Betz, Regina
2018EU emissions trading : role of banks and other financial actors - insights from the EU transaction log and interviewsCludius, Johanna; Betz, Regina
Mar-2016EU emissions trading : the role of banks and other financial actors : insights from the EU transaction log and interviewsCludius, Johanna; Betz, Regina
2014Evaluation of environmental taxation on multiple air pollutants in the electricity generation sector : evidence from New South Wales, AustraliaContreras, Zaida; Ancev, Tihomir; Betz, Regina
Oct-2020Evaluation of potential co-benefits of air pollution control and climate mitigation policies for China's electricity sectorWei, Xinyang; Tong, Qing; Magill, Iain; Vithayasrichareon, Peerapat; Betz, Regina
2022Flexibility through hybridity : governance arrangements for sustainable urban water systemsStauffacher, Michael; Maurer, Max; Lieberherr, Eva; Fischer, Manuel; Betz, Regina, et al