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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Aging in different welfare contexts : a comparative perspective on later-life employment and healthMadero-Cabib, Ignacio; Corna, Laurie; Baumann, Isabel
Nov-2018Barrieren für die Arbeitsmarktpartizipation älterer ArbeitnehmenderBaumann, Isabel
2018“Dear Internet, what should I do when…?” : parents’ digital media behaviour when searching for information on children’s health in SwitzerlandDratva, Julia; Baumann, Isabel; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik; Juvalta, Sibylle
2018Digital health literacy of Swiss-German parents : results from DIGE, a study on parental utilization of digital child health informationJuvalta, Sibylle; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik; Baumann, Isabel; Dratva, Julia
12-Jul-2018Employment prospects of young adults with mental disordersBaumann, Isabel; Altwicker-Hámori, Szilvia; Juvalta, Sibylle; Baer, Niklas; Frick, Ulrich, et al
Aug-2017Evaluation „Via-Pilotprojekt Sturzprävention“ [Evaluation Via pilotproject on fall prevention]Wieber, Frank; Baumann, Isabel; Glässel, Andrea; Volken, Thomas; Rüesch, Peter
2019Health status and labour force participation among older workers in Switzerland : a multilevel for growth analysisFeer, Sonja; Lipps, Oliver; Dratva, Julia; Baumann, Isabel
2018Heat, greed and human need : climate change, capitalism and sustainable wellbeing. Gough, Ian. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing (2017), 264 p., ISBN 978-1-785-36512-6Baumann, Isabel; Garcia, Victor; Metz, Florence
2016How to survey displaced workers in switzerland : ways of addressing sources of biasBaumann, Isabel; Lipps, Oliver; Oesch, Daniel; Vandenplas, Caroline
2017Interprofessional collaboration in fall preventionBaumann, Isabel; Glässel, Andrea; Volken, Thomas; Rüesch, Peter; Dratva, Julia, et al
2016Labor market integration of adolescents with mental disordersBaumann, Isabel; Altwicker-Hámori, Szilvia; Juvalta, Sibylle; Baer, Niklas; Frick, Ulrich, et al
2019Parental digital health information seeking behavior in Switzerland: a cross-sectional studyJaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Juvalta, Sibylle; Dratva, Julia
2019Prolongation of working life and its effect on mortality and health in older adults : propensity score matchingEyjólfsdóttir, Harpa Sif; Baumann, Isabel; Agahi, Neda; Fritzell, Johan; Lennartsson, Carin
2018Retirement age and cognitive functioning in old age : the role of occupational and leisure activitiesBaumann, Isabel; Eyjólfsdóttir, Harpa Sif; Fritzell, Johan; Lennartsson, Carin; Darin-Mattsson, Alexander, et al
2017Retirement planning : how to deal with different adjustment trajectories?Froidevaux, Ariane; Baumann, Isabel; Maggiori, Christian; Wieber, Frank; Rossier, Jérôme
2019Retirement trajectories in countries with flexible retirement policies but different welfare state contextsBaumann, Isabel; Madero-Cabib, Ignacio
12-Apr-2018The impact of social isolation on pain interference : a longitudinal studyKarayannis, Nicholas V.; Baumann, Isabel; Sturgeon, John A.; Melloh, Markus; Mackey, Sean C.
2016The plight of older workers : labor market experience after plant closure in the Swiss manufacturing sectorBaumann, Isabel
2018The role of cognitively stimulating activities in explaining the association between retirement timing and cognitive functioning in old ageBaumann, Isabel; Eyjólfsdóttir, H.S.; Fritzell, J.; Lennartsson, C.; Mattson, A.D., et al