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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
19-Apr-201620 years of surface ozone measurements at El Tololo, Chile (2200 m asl)Anet, Julien Gérard; Emmenegger, Lukas; Steinbacher, Martin; Buchmann, Brigitte
Feb-2021A global environmental crisis 42,000 years agoCooper, Alan; Turney, Chris S. M.; Palmer, Jonathan; Hogg, Alan; McGlone, Matt, et al
2021Building a new high-density air temperature measurement network in two Swiss citiesAnet, Julien G.; Schlögl, Sebastian; Spirig, Curdin; Frey, Martin P.; Renold, Manuel, et al
27-Jun-2019Characterising particulate matter in the evolving exhaust plume of an aircraft engine in a test cellDurdina, Lukas; Lobo, Prem; Brem, Benjamin; Elser, Miriam; Schönenberger, David, et al
2021Comparing large eddy simulations with sonic anemometer and LIDAR measurement data during Foehn events in complex terrainSpirig, Curdin T.; Fluck, Stefan; Vogt, Kenneth; Anet, Julien G.
4-May-2020Coupling of Arctic ozone and stratospheric dynamics and its influence on surface climate : the role of CFC concentrationsFriedel, Marina; Chiodo, Gabriel; Muthers, Stefan; Anet, Julien; Stenke, Andrea, et al
Nov-2017Decadal to multi-decadal scale variability of Indian summer monsoon rainfall in the coupled ocean-atmosphere-chemistry climate model SOCOL-MPIOMMalik, Abdul; Brönnimann, Stefan; Stickler, Alexander; Raible, Christoph C.; Muthers, Stefan, et al
2021Downscaling EDGAR emissions to local emission sectors for SwitzerlandEdebeli, Jacinta; Spirig, Curdin; Anet, Julien
2014Evaluation of the ECHAM family radiation codes performance in the representation of the solar signalSukhodolov, T.; Rozanov, E.; Shapiro, A. I.; Anet, J.; Cagnazzo, C., et al
2013Forcing of stratospheric chemistry and dynamics during the Dalton MinimumAnet, J. G.; Muthers, S.; Rozanov, E.; Raible, C. C.; Peter, T., et al
2013From the past to the future: influences of solar variability and volcanic activity on Earth's climatePeter, Thomas; Wanner, Heinz; Rozanov, E.; Anet, Julien Gérard
Apr-2012FUPSOL : modelling the future and past solar influence on earth climateAnet, Julien Gérard; Rozanov, Eugene; Peter, Thomas
2015Global atmospheric sulfur budget under volcanically quiescent conditions : aerosol-chemistry-climate model predictions and validationSheng, Jian-Xiong; Weisenstein, Debra K.; Luo, Bei-Ping; Rozanov, Eugene; Stenke, Andrea, et al
2013Impact of a potential 21st century “grand solar minimum” on surface temperatures and stratospheric ozoneAnet, Julien G.; Rozanov, E. V.; Muthers, S.; Peter, T.; Brönnimann, S., et al
Jun-2014Impact of geomagnetic excursions on atmospheric chemistry and dynamicsSuter, I.; Zech, R.; Anet, J. G.; Peter, T.
2014Impact of solar versus volcanic activity variations on tropospheric temperatures and precipitation during the Dalton MinimumAnet, J. G.; Muthers, S.; Rozanov, E. V.; Raible, C. C.; Stenke, A., et al
2018Implications of potential future grand solar minimum for ozone layer and climateArsenovic, Pavle; Rozanov, Eugene; Anet, Julien; Stenke, Andrea; Schmutz, Werner, et al
2021Large eddy simulations of low-level turbulence caused by tree lines in the vicinity of an airfieldFluck, Stefan; Anet, Julien G.
Dec-2016Multidecadal variations of the effects of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the climate systemBrönnimann, Stefan; Malik, Abdul; Stickler, Alexander; Wegmann, Martin; Raible, Christoph C., et al
11-Dec-2019Non-volatile particulate matter emission measurements of in-service commercial turbofan engines : a comparison with estimates using certified emissions of new enginesDurdina, Lukas; Edebeli, Jacinta; Spirig, Curdin; Anet, Julien