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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2022A multi-component Intervention (NEXpro) reduces neck pain-related work productivity loss : a randomized controlled trial among Swiss office workersAegerter, Andrea; Deforth, Manja; Volken, Thomas; Johnston, Venerina; Luomajoki, Hannu, et al
10-Feb-2022A multi-component intervention (NEXpro) reduces neck pain-related work productivity loss : an RCT among Swiss office workersAegerter, Andrea; Deforth, Manja; Volken, Thomas; Johnston, Venerina; Luomajoki, Hannu, et al
2020An investigation into the association of the physical fitness of equestrians and their riding performance : a cross-sectional studyAegerter, Andrea; Latif, Selma; Weishaupt, Michael; Gubler, Barbara; Rast, Fabian, et al
2023Association of exercise frequency and type with neck pain intensity : a quantitative analysis in office workersAegerter, Andrea; Störi, Seraina; Elfering, Achim; Melloh, Markus; Luomajoki, Hannu, et al
2023Association of neck pain, neck disability, and fear avoidance beliefs with adherence to exercise : a quantitative analysis in office workersAegerter, Andrea; Nüssle, Achim; Elfering, Achim; Melloh, Markus; Johnston, Venerina, et al
2022Auf ein Pferd sitzen kann jeder – korrekt allerdings nicht : eine Analyse der Zusammenhänge zwischen dem Reitersitz, der Reitperformance und der Kraft sowie der Beweglichkeit im Beckenbereich von Amateur-ReiterinnenAegerter, Andrea; Bleisch, Mara; Kümin, Anina Celia
2023Cervical musculoskeletal impairments and pressure pain sensitivity in office workers with headacheErnst, Markus J.; Sax, Nadine; Meichtry, André; Aegerter, Andrea Martina; Luomajoki, Hannu, et al
2020Correction to: On-site multi-component intervention to improve productivity and reduce the economic and personal burden of neck pain in Swiss office-workers (NEXpro) : protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trialAegerter, Andrea; Deforth, Manja; Johnston, Venerina; Ernst, Markus; Volken, Thomas, et al
11-Feb-2022Does the home office workstation meet recommended guidelines in a sample of Swiss office workers?Aegerter, Andrea; Johnston, Venerina; Melloh, Markus; Elfering, Achim
13-May-2023Equinus Health – Denkanstösse für Pferd und ReiterAegerter, Andrea
2022Inter-rater reliability, discriminatory and predictive validity of neck movement control tests in office workers with headache and/or neck painErnst, Markus J.; Klaus, Sandro; Lüdtke, Kerstin; Gallina, Alessio; Falla, Deborah, et al
20-Jan-2023Eine Intervention zur Reduktion von Arbeitsproduktivitätsverlusten aufgrund von Nackenschmerzen bei Schweizer Büroangestellten (NEXpro)Aegerter, Andrea; Dratva, Julia; Wieber, Frank; Melloh, Markus; Elfering, Achim
2021Kollision mit Folgen : Fallbeispiel SchleudertraumaAegerter, Andrea; Luomajoki, Hannu
10-Mar-2023Moral judgement of triage decisions : individual vs. collective framing moderates age discriminationDoerflinger, Johannes; Wieber, Frank; Volken, Thomas; Aegerter, Andrea
Jun-2023Nackenschmerzen ade!Aegerter, Andrea; Reinhard, Fabienne
2022Neck pain and work productivity in office workers : effectiveness of a multi-component interventionDistler, Oliver; Luomajoki, Hannu; Dressel, Holger; Elfering, Achim; Aegerter, Andrea
2018Neurogenes Thoracic Outlet SyndromAegerter, Andrea Martina; Luomajoki, Hannu
4-Jul-2023NEXpro Projektabschluss-Event : Meilensteine, Lessons learned und ProjektausblickAegerter, Andrea; Ernst, Markus; Melloh, Markus; Elfering, Achim
2021No evidence for a decrease in physical activity among Swiss office workers during COVID-19 : a longitudinal studyAegerter, Andrea Martina; Deforth, Manja; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Johnston, Venerina; Volken, Thomas, et al
6-Oct-2021No evidence for an effect of the first COVID-19 lockdown on neck pain and neck disability among Swiss office workersAegerter, Andrea; Deforth, Manja; Johnston, Venerina; Sjøgaard, Gisela; Ernst, Markus, et al