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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019Advanced in vitro models analysisKopanska, Katarzyna S.; Rimann, Markus; Laternser, Sandra; Raghunath, Michael
31-Oct-2018Advances in the biofabrication of 3D skin in vitro : healthy and pathological modelsRandall, Matthew J.; Jüngel, Astrid; Rimann, Markus; Wuertz-Kozak, Karin
12-Jun-2018A novel microplate 3D bioprinting platform for the engineering of muscle and tendon tissuesLaternser, Sandra; Keller, Hansjoerg; Leupin, Olivier; Rausch, Martin; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Rimann, Markus
2018ZHAW Waedenswil : a new approach in the fight against cancerRimann, Markus
2018TEDD annual meeting with 3D bioprinting workshopRaghunath, Michael; Rimann, Markus; Kopanska, Katarzyna S.; Laternser, Sandra
Nov-2017In vitro characterization of a new composite material for biomedical applications and 3D (bio)printingBono, Epifania; Evers, Christoph; Schmid, Franca; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Rimann, Markus
Jun-2017Development of a matrix-based technology platform for the high throughput analysis of 3D cell culturesRimann, Markus; Bono, Epifania; Picenoni, Armin; Felley-Bosco, Emanuela; Meyer, Andreas; Pelleaux, René; Hund, Corinna
2017Bioresorbable polymers for bioprinting applicationsRimann, Markus; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Müller, Michael
2017Evaluation of 3D hepatic tissue models for bioprintingBono, Epifania; Mathes, Stephanie; Rimann, Markus
20173D bioprinted tissue models for substance testingRimann, Markus; Bono, Epifania; Laternser, Sandra; Nosswitz, Michael; Morel, Alexandre; Keller, Hansjörg; Leupin, Olivier; Wagner, Carsten; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Raghunath, Michael
May-2016Standardized 3D bioprinting of skin models for drug developmentBono, Epifania; Rimann, Markus; Annaheim, Helene; Bleisch, Matthias; Kuster, Michael; Thurner, Marc; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
Apr-2016Bioprinted tissues for substance testingRimann, Markus; Laternser, Sandra; Bono, Epifania; Nosswitz, Michael; Keller, Hansjörg; Leupin, Olivier; Wagner, Carsten; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
2016A novel multiwell device for drug development with bioprinted 3D human tendon and skeletal muscle tissuesRimann, Markus; Laternser, Sandra; Bono, Epifania; Bleisch, Matthias; Eggmann, Kurt; Quidiello, Daniel; Fässler, Thomas; Keller, Hansjörg; Leupin, Olivier; Rausch, Martin; Hartmann, Lilian; Alave-Reyes, Angela; Thurner, Marc; Scheidegger, Andreas; Graf-Hausner, Ursula
2016Zurich university of applied sciences : center for cell biology and tissue engineeringRimann, Markus; Mathes, Stephanie; Raghunath, Michael; Rohrer, Jack
2016Bioprinted kidney model for nephrotoxicity assessmentRimann, Markus; Graf-Hausner, Ursula; Nosswitz, Michael; Wagner, Carsten; Morel, Alexandre
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