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dc.description.abstractThe Public Sector Accounting and Reporting (PULSAR) Program, launched in 2017, is a regional and country level program in 13 beneficiary countries in Europe and Central Asia. Its objective is to support the enhancement of public sector accounting and financial reporting frameworks, in line with international standards and in accordance with good practices, in order to improve government accountability, transparency, and performance. The objectives and scope of the PULSAR Program are jointly determined by the PULSAR Partners - Austria, Switzerland, and the World Bank – who also provide institutional support for its implementation and mobilize the resources needed for its activities. Beneficiary countries help shape the Program through regional cooperation platforms and input to two Communities of Practice focused on financial reporting frameworks and on education. The Financial Reporting Frameworks Community of Practice (FINCOP) supports government officials in developing reform strategies & roadmaps, and helps to define and implement improved legislation, standards, IT systems, and tools.de_CH
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dc.titleGood practice template to public sector accounting reform roadmapde_CH
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