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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009Comparison of image quality between a digital panorama X-ray unit with a CdTe-CMOS detector and panorama Xray units with other types of digital detectorsScheidegger, Stephan
2009Numerical simulation of reactive transport phenomena in the hexis SOFC-systemSafa, Yasser; Hocker, Thomas
2009Numerical simulation of thermal problems coupled with magnetohydrodynamic effects in aluminium cellSafa, Yasser; Flueck, M.; Rappaz, J.
15-Feb-2008A micro-solid oxide fuel cell system as battery replacementBieberle-Hütter, Anja; Beckel, Daniel; Infortuna, Anna; Muecke, Ulrich P.; Rupp, Jennifer L. M., et al
2008Equation of state and stability of the helium-hydrogen mixture at cryogenic temperatureSafa, Yasser; Pfenniger, Daniel
13-Feb-2007Anomalous abelian solitonsSchmid, Matthias; Shaposhnikov, Mikhail
2007Impact of sensor packaging on analytical performance and power consumption of metal oxide based gas sensor microarraysGmür, Roman; Goschnick, Joachim; Hocker, Thomas; Schwarzenbach, Hansueli; Sommer, Martin
2007Nonreflecting boundary condition for time-dependent multiple scatteringGrote, Marcus J.; Kirsch, Christoph
2007Glassy and polymeric ionic conductors : statistical modeling and Monte Carlo simulationsDürr, Oliver; Dietrich, Wolfgang
2006Reaction-diffusion problem with concentration driven deformationSafa, Yasser
2006Influence of thermo-hydraulic fields on structural mechanics of aluminum reduction cellsRappaz, J.; Flueck, M.; Safa, Yasser
2006Raman study of ordering phenomena in copper–oxygen systemsHackl, R.; Tassini, L.; Venturini, Francesca; Erb, A.; Hartinger, Ch., et al
6-Sep-2005Dynamical properties of charged stripes in La(2-x)SrxCuO4Tassini, L.; Venturini, Francesca; Zhang, Q. -M.; Hackl, R.; Kikugawa, N., et al
Sep-2005Restoration of PSD from chord length distribution data using the method of projections onto convex setsWorlitschek, Jörg; Hocker, Thomas; Mazzotti, Marco
2005Determination and influence of the ledge shape on electrical potential and fluid motion in a smelterSafa, Yasser
Results 1-15 of 54 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).