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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2009Practical quality assessment of microarray data by simulation of differential gene expressionHoward, Brian; Sick, Beate; Heber, Steffen
2008Dysregulation of gene expression in primary neuron models of Huntington's disease shows that polyglutamine-related effects on the striatal transcriptome may not be dependent on brain circuitryRunne, Heike; Régulier, Etienne; Kuhn, Alexandre; Zala, Diana; Gokce, Ozgun, et al
2007Robust hit identification by quality assurance and multivariate data analysis of a high-content, cell-based assayDürr, Oliver; Duval, François; Nichols, Anthony; Lang, Paul; Brodte, Annette, et al
2007Statistical methods for identifying differentially expressed gene combinationsHo, Yen-Yi; Cope, Leslie; Dettling, Marcel; Parmigiani, Giovanni
12-Sep-2006Multivariate analysis of siRNA / high content screening dataDürr, Oliver
2005Finding predictive gene groups from microarray data and combining them with clinical predictor variablesDettling, Marcel
2005Single-step affinity purification of toxic and non-toxic proteins on a fluidics platformMiao, Jun; Wu, Wei; Spielmann, Thomas; Belfort, Marlene; Derbyshire, Victoria, et al
2005Ensemble methods of computational inferenceHothorn, Torsten; Dettling, Marcel; Bühlmann, Peter
2005Classification with gene expression dataDettling, Marcel
2005Searching for differentially expressed gene combinationsDettling, Marcel; Gabrielson, Edward; Parmigiani, Giovanni
2005Quantifying bioactivity on a large scale : quality assurance and analysis of multiparametric ultra-HTS dataHeyse, Stephan; Brodte, Annette; Bruttger, Oliver; Dürr, Oliver; Freeman, Tobe, et al
12-Dec-2004BagBoosting for tumor classification with gene expression dataDettling, Marcel
2004Bioconductor : open software development for computational biology and bioinformaticsGentleman, Robert C.; Carey, Vincent J.; Bates, Douglas M.; Bolstad, Ben; Dettling, Marcel, et al
2004Gene expression signatures identify rhabdomyosarcoma subtypes and detect a novel t(2;2)(q35;p23) translocation fusing PAX3 to NCOA1Wachtel, Marco; Dettling, Marcel; Koscielniak, Eva; Stegmaier, Sabine; Treuner, Jörn, et al
2004Finding predictive gene groups from microarray dataDettling, Marcel; Bühlmann, Peter
Results 1-15 of 21 (Search time: 0.042 seconds).