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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
29-Jun-2020The dilemma with urban freight transport : least-cost principle to mitigate competition in infrastructure useScherrer, Maike; Eberle, Armin
24-May-2020Das Ende der Fluggesellschaften, wie wir sie kennenSauter-Servaes, Thomas
Apr-2020Public transport priority in 2020 : lessons from ZurichNash, Andrew; Corman, Francesco; Sauter-Servaes, Thomas
2020What are the factors and needs promoting mobility-as-a-service? Findings from the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey (SHEDS)Hoerler, Raphael; Stünzi, Anna; Patt, Anthony; Del Duce, Andrea
Jan-2020Tür-zu-Tür-Reisezeiten : der unterschätzte Faktor PufferzeitenSauter-Servaes, Thomas; Krautscheid, Thomas; Schober, Alexander
Jan-2020SWISSonian : eine NuitopieSauter-Servaes, Thomas
Dec-2019Generation of the transport service offer with application to timetable planning considering constraints due to maintenance workWüst, Raimond Matthias; Bütikofer, Stephan; Köchli, Joël; Ess, Severin
13-Nov-2019Commuter segmentation and openness to sharing services : a Swiss case studyHoerler, Raphael; Hoppe, Merja
24-Sep-2019Maintenance timetable planning based on mesoscopic infrastructure and the transport service intentionWüst, Raimond Matthias; Bütikofer, Stephan; Ess, Severin; Gomez, Claudio; Steiner, Albert, et al
13-Sep-2019Improvement of maintenance timetable stability based on iteratively assigning event flexibility in FPESPWüst, Raimond; Bütikofer, Stephan; Ess, Severin; Gomez, Claudio; Steiner, Albert, et al
5-Sep-2019Periodic timetabling with flexibility based on a mesoscopic topologyBütikofer, Stephan; Wüst, Raimond Matthias; Ess, Severin
30-Aug-2019Periodic timetabling with ‘Track Choice’-PESP based on given line concepts and mesoscopic infrastructureWüst, Raimond; Bütikofer, Stephan; Ess, Severin; Gomez, Claudio; Steiner, Albert, et al
23-Jul-2019New solutions in sustainable commuting : the attitudes and experience of European stakeholders and experts in SwitzerlandHoerler, Raphael; Haerri, Fabian; Hoppe, Merja
Jul-2019Challenges of implementing equity-based accessibility thresholds for different modes of transport : a comparison of Gothenburg and Zurich regionsLarsson, Anders; Steiner, Albert
Jun-2019Will consumers prefer shared and pooled-use autonomous vehicles? : a stated choice experiment with Swiss householdsStoiber, Thomas; Schubert, Iljana; Hoerler, Raphael; Burger, Paul
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