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Nov-2022Numerical modeling and design decisions for aerostatic bearings with relatively large nozzle sizes in Magic-Angle Spinning (MAS) systemsDeb, Rajdeep; Hunkeler, Andreas; Wilhelm, Dirk; Jenny, Patrick; Meier, Beat H.
7-Sep-2022Incentivising user-based redistribution in free-floating carsharing : bridging the gap between intention and actionTomic, Uros; Stiebe, Michael; Schubert, Iljana, et al.
5-Sep-2022Making sense of the natural environmentvon der Malsburg, Christoph; Grewe, Benjamin F.; Stadelmann, Thilo
19-Aug-2022Unsupervised domain adaptation for vertebrae detection and identification in 3D CT volumes using a domain sanity lossSager, Pascal; Salzmann, Sebastian; Burn, Felice; Stadelmann, Thilo
Aug-2022Ultra low temperature microturbine for magic angle spinning systemHerzog, Nicoleta; Weber, Alexander Séverin; Purea, Armin; Osen, David; Knott, Benno, et al.
1-Aug-2022Integration of ICN and MEC in 5G and beyond networks : mutual benefits, use cases, challenges, standardization, and future researchGür, Gürkan; Kalla, Anshuman; de Alwis, Chamitha; Pham, Quoc-Viet; Ngo, Khac-Hoang, et al.
Aug-2022The owner, the provider and the subcontractors : how to handle accountability and liability management for 5G end to end serviceGaber, Chrystel; Arfaoui, Ghada; Carlinet, Yannick; Perrot, Nancy; Valleyre, Laurent, et al.
27-Jul-2022Simultaneous determination of enthalpy of mixing and reaction using milli-scale continuous flow calorimetrySteinemann, Finn Lorenz; Rütti, David Paul; Moser, Marlies; Georg, Alain; Meier, Daniel Matthias
11-Jul-2022Production of complex shaped MoSi2 heating elements using additive manufacturing methods and injection moldingPenner, Dirk
7-Jul-2022Springtime arctic ozone depletion forces northern hemisphere climate anomaliesFriedel, Marina; Chiodo, Gabriel; Stenke, Andrea; Domeisen, Daniela I. V.; Fueglistaler, Stephan, et al.
4-Jul-2022Uncertainty informed anomaly scores with deep learning : robust fault detection with limited dataZgraggen, Jannik; Pizza, Gianmarco; Goren Huber, Lilach
Jul-2022Extraction of physicochemical properties from the fluorescence spectrum with 1D convolutional neural networks : application to olive oilVenturini, Francesca; Sperti, Michela; Michelucci, Umberto; Gucciardi, Arnaud; Martos, Vanessa M., et al.
Jul-2022Bio-SODA UX : enabling natural language question answering over knowledge graphs with user disambiguationSima, Ana Claudia; Mendes de Farias, Tarcisio; Anisimova, Maria; Dessimoz, Christophe; Robinson-Rechavi, Marc, et al.
30-Jun-2022Pulsed-active microwave thermographyWilcox, Logan M.; Bonmarin, Mathias; Donnell, Kristen M.
29-Jun-2022Certification versus research measurements : investigating the variability of particle emissions of large jet engines from a long running series of emission testsDurdina, Lukas; Edebeli, Jacinta; Spirig, Curdin; Roth, Manuel; Anet, Julien, et al.
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