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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
22-Dec-2016Inkontinenz : die schambesetzte VolkskrankheitKöhler, Barbara; Passweg, Daniel
8-Dec-2016Der diabetische Fuss : Pflege und PräventionKeller-Senn, Anita
23-Nov-2016Innovating patient and public involvement in palliative care and rehabilitation researchde Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Pask, S.; Brighton, L.J.; Koffmann, J.; Evans, C., et al
Nov-2016Entwicklung und Validierung eines ICF-basierten Fragebogens für Harn- und Stuhlinkontinenz : Teilprojekt 2a - PatientenperspektiveKuhn, Manuel; Gass, Stephanie; Radliner, Lorenz; Köhler, Barbara
Oct-2016Living a normal life in an extraordinary way : a systematic review investigating experiences of families of young people's transition into adulthood when affected by a genetic and chronic childhood conditionWaldboth, Veronika; Patch, C.; Mahrer Imhof, Romy; Metcalfe, A.
Sep-2016The ICF-incontinence assessment form (ICF-IAF) to identify problems and resources in patients with urinary and / or faecal incontinence : subproject the patients’ perspectiveKuhn, Manuel; Gass, Stephanie; Radlinger, Lorenz; Köhler, Barbara
18-Aug-2016Slacklining and stroke : a rehabilitation case study considering balance and lower limb weaknessGabel, Charles Philip; Rando, Natalie; Melloh, Markus
16-Jun-2016Developing a brief emergency care intervention for severe diabetic hypoglycaemiaKeller-Senn, Anita; Lee, G.; Imhof, Lorenz; Sturt, J.
16-Jun-2016A randomized controlled trial protocol : testing an outpatient nurse managed counseling program for patients with diabetic foot ulcerationKeller-Senn, Anita; Imhof, Lorenz
1-Jun-2016Early education and counselling of patients with acute coronary syndrome: a pilot study for a randomized controlled trialWeibel, Lukas; Massorotto, Paola; Hediger, Hannele; Mahrer Imhof, Romy
2016Being an informal caregiver for a relative with liver cirrhosis and overt hepatic encephalopathy : a phenomenological studyKünzler-Heule, Patrizia; Beckmann, Sonja; Mahrer Imhof, Romy; Semela, David; Händler-Schuster, Daniela
2016ISSLS prize winner - consensus on the clinical diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis : results of an international delphi studyTomkins-Lane, Christy; Melloh, Markus; Lurie, Jon; Smuck, Matthew; Battié, Michele C., et al
2016Entwicklung eines patientenorientierten Fragebogens bei Harn- und Stuhlinkontinenz auf der Basis der ICFKöhler, Barbara; König, Irene; Gass, Stephanie; Kuhn, Manuel; Brand, Pascale, et al
2016Harninkontienz bei COPDKöhler, Barbara; Ernst, Anja
2016Chronischer Husten - auch an die Blase denken!Köhler, Barbara
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