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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2019A master of nursing science curriculum revision for the 21st century : a progress reportSchwendimann, René; Fierz, Katharina; Spichiger, Elisabeth; Marcus, Brenda; De Geest, Sabina
2019Long‐term care nurses' attitudes and the incidence of voluntary stopping of eating and drinking : a cross‐sectional studyStängle, Sabrina; Schnepp, Wilfried; Büche, Daniel; Fringer, André
2019Which outcome domains are important in palliative care and when? : an international expert consensus workshop, using the nominal group techniquede Wolf-Linder, Susanne; Dawkins, Marsha; Wicks, Francesca; Pask, Sophie; Eagar, Kathy; Evans, Catherine J; Higginson, Irene J; Murtagh, Fliss E M
2019Development of an early warning system to prevent crises in the palliative home care setting of patients and their informal caregivers : protocol for a mixed method studyFringer, André; Arrer, Eleonore; Maier, Edith; Schnepp, Wilfried; Ulmer, Tom
2019Was Pflegefachpersonen erwarten, um langfristig im Beruf zu bleibenSchaffert, René; Robin, Dominik
2019Development of a questionnaire to determine incidence and attitudes to “voluntary stopping of eating and drinking”Stängle, Sabrina; Schnepp, Wilfried; Mezger, Mirjam; Büche, Daniel; Fringer, André
2019Alternative Religiosität und Spiritualität in der Palliative CareMezger, Mirjam
2019Psychometric evaluation of the German version of a social support scale of FAFHES (family functioning, family health and social support)Ris, Irène; Schnepp, Wilfried; Mahrer Imhof, Romy
2019Kenneth Gergen’s concept of multi-being : an application to the nurse–patient relationshipHechinger, Mareike; Mayer, Hanna; Fringer, André
2019Validation of polish version of the Basel extent of rationing of nursing care revised questionnaireUchmanowicz, I.; Kirwan, M.; Riklikiene, O.; Wolfshaut-Wolak, R.; Gotlib, J.; Schubert, Maria
7-Sep-2018Bedarf von spezialisierter Palliativpflege : Untersuchung der Pflege- und Betreuungssituation in der Region ZürichArrer, E.; Waldboth, Veronika; Fringer, André
1-Sep-2018Voluntary stopping of eating and drinking (VSED) as an unknown challenge in a long-term care institution : an embedded single case studySaladin, Nadine; Schnepp, Wilfried; Fringer, André
Aug-2018Nursing now und Cha Cha ChaBinkert, Fabienne; Grosse, Christine Uta; Schärli-Lim, Susan; Helfenstein, Isabel
2-May-2018Berufliche Zufriedenheit : beeinflusst von Rollenklarheit und dem Einsetzen-Können von FähigkeitenSchaffert, René; Trede, Ines
26-Jan-2018Reestablishing normal life. How patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke experience a nursing intervention to enhance mobilitySuter-Riederer, Susanne; Schnepp, Wilfried; Imhof, Lorenz
Results 16-30 of 72 (Search time: 0.007 seconds).