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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
May-2024Städtebau beginnt an der StrasseIseli, Regula; Jenni, Peter; Jud, Andreas
May-2024Gespielter Dialog : play the city mit Ekim TanZaugg, Maxime
1-May-2024Déjà-vu : Lernen von der Öko-Architekturbewegung von gesternGerber, Andri; Furrer, Patric
2024Mensa Olivetti e Uffici Alfa Romeo : due architetture del lavoroCarnelli, Elettra
1-Jan-2024Numerical analysis, design and application of a decentralized ventilation system with a heat recovery unit adapting to Nordic climates : a case study in NorwayKim, Moon Keun; Liu, Jiying; Baldini, Luca
2024What kind of democratic project is the “CITY”? and what does the new municipalism want to do with it?Beveridge, Ross; Koch, Philippe
9-Dec-2023Collaborations informing collective practice : a conversation with Fosbury ArchitectureCarnelli, Elettra
6-Dec-2023Leuchtturmprojekt einer maximal CO2 reduzierten Brücke nach dem 5C Approach des Cembureau'Wassmann, Kerstin; Eberhardt, Bernd Arnd; Kurath, Josef
Dec-2023Stretching professional boundaries : Novella Sansoni as organic intellectual, administrator and architectCarnelli, Elettra; D'Avolio, Maria Silvia
Dec-2023Thermochemical storage networks for integration of renewable energy sources through seasonal load shiftingBaldini, Luca; Zambrano, Juan Mahecha
23-Nov-2023Un urbanista impegnato negli anni '50 : la formazione professionale e politica di Alessandro TutinoCarnelli, Elettra
23-Nov-2023Seeing democracy like a cityBeveridge, Ross; Koch, Philippe
Nov-2023Scaling up public participation in urban design : lessons from the ZAC Mont Hermé case study and the role of physical urban scale modelsZaugg, Maxime
24-Oct-2023CPC : eine komplett neue BetonbauweiseKurath, Josef
Oct-2023Anti-carceral feminism : abolitionist conversations on gender-based violenceD'Avolio, Maria Silvia; Pessoa Cavalcanti, Roxana; Dadusc, Deanna
Results 1-15 of 478 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).