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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
20-Jul-2016Financial analysts as professional writers : between mechanical text production and language awarenessWhitehouse, Marlies; Perrin, Daniel
4-Apr-2016Wo Worte Geld bedeutenWhitehouse, Marlies
7-Jan-2016Write global, pay localWhitehouse, Marlies; Perrin, Daniel
2016Financial communication as professional writing in a globalized worldWhitehouse, Marlies; Perrin, Daniel
2016Critical situations in cross-disciplinary communication : financial analysts as professional writers and translatorsWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Schreiben in der Finanzanalyse als Differenzierung und intralinguale Übersetzung zwischen DomänenWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Knowledge transformation : the relation between researchers and practitionersPerrin, Daniel; Graavengard, Gitte; Whitehouse, Marlies
2016Financial analysts as cross-domain translatorsPerrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
2016Mein Text, unser Text, euer Text : Recycling und Rebranding am Beispiel von FinanztextenWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Translating emotions : the interplay between cultural background and the language of emotions - a German-Japanese exampleWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Financial analysts' recommendations as telltale sign of persuasion drivers in the financial marketsWhitehouse, Marlies
2016Finanzanalyse und intralinguales Übersetzen : von der teuren SparkulturWhitehouse, Marlies
29-Aug-2015Intercultural communicative competence and professional writing in a globalized world : the case of financial communicationPerrin, Daniel; Whitehouse, Marlies
27-Jul-2015The pragmatics of financial communicationPerrin, Daniel; Esharghi, Arman; Palmieri, Rudi; Whitehouse, Marlies
2015Comprehensibility and comprehensiveness of financial analysts' reportsWhitehouse, Marlies; Perrin, Daniel
Results 31-45 of 49 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).