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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A multi-perspective view on AAL stakeholders' needs : a user-centred requirement analysis for the ActiveAdvice European projectTeles, Soraia; Bertel, Diotima; Kofler, Andrea Ch.; Ruscher, Stefan H.; Paúl, Constança
2016Aspect-oriented approach for user interaction logging of iOS applicationsKokemor, Ilka; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2008Augmented mobile taggingHutter, Hans-Peter; Jung, Udo; Müggler, Thomas
1995Comparison of a new hybrid connectionist-SCHMM approach with other hybrid approaches for speech recognitionHutter, Hans-Peter
1997Comparison of classic and hybrid HMM approaches to speech recognition over telefone linesGuggenbühl, Walter; Kündig, Albert; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2013Comparison of the effectiveness of different accessibility plugins based on important accessibility criteriaDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2018-09Datenbasierte Service-InnovationMeierhofer, Jürg
2017Emotion recognition from speech using representation learning in extreme learning machinesGlüge, Stefan; Böck, Ronald; Ott, Thomas
2004Grundlagen der Spracherkennung mit Hidden-Markov-ModellenHutter, Hans-Peter
2018-07Hidden profile discussion coding : tracing synergy in group decisionsThürmer, J. Lukas; Wieber, Frank; Schultze, Thomas; Schulz-Hardt, Stefan
2017-09-11Integrating Drones into Civil Air Traffic – Challenges and ConceptsLenhart, Peter Marcus
2006Mobile Anwendungen mit GeoTagsHutter, Hans-Peter
2005New concept for designing multimodal user interfacesHutter, Hans-Peter; Tönz, Roger
2017New mobile service development processHutter, Hans-Peter; Ahlenstorf, Andreas
2014PAVE : a web application to identify and correct accessibility problems in PDF documentsDoblies, Luchin; Stolz, David; Darvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2017Recommendations for age-appropriate mobile application designDarvishy, Alireza; Hutter, Hans-Peter
2018-09-12Serious Games : digitale Spiele und Virtual Reality als Methoden der Sozialen ArbeitEberitzsch, Stefan
2016Service platform for the exchange of services with developing countriesHutter, Hans-Peter; Ahlenstorf, Andreas; Klammer, Julia; Van den Anker, Fred; Wiedmer, Adrian
2018Zivile Drohnen : Herausforderungen und PerspektivenChristen, Markus; Guillaume, Michel; Jablonowski, Maximilian; Lenhart, Peter Marcus; Moll, Kurt