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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
28-Aug-2019Application of the eHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS) in a sample of Swiss parentsJuvalta, Sibylle; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Baumann, Isabel; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik, et al
2018“Dear Internet, what should I do when…?”: parents’ digital media behaviour when searching for information on children’s health in SwitzerlandBaumann, Isabelle; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik; Juvalta, Sibylle; Dratva, Julia
12-Oct-2020Digital health information seeking of migrant populations : a scoping reviewZysset, Annina; Dratva, Julia
13-Oct-2020Digital maternal health booklets : do they help reaching migrant populationsZysset, Annina; Dratva, Julia
30-Jan-2020Digitale Elternratgeber : Verwendung, Potential und Risiko digitaler Medien als Informationsressource zu KindergesundheitDratva, Julia; Robin, Dominik
1-Oct-2020Digitales Gesundheitsheft : SGPDratva, Julia
Mar-2020Electronic health literacy in Swiss-German parents : cross-sectional study of eHealth literacy scale unidimensionalityJuvalta, Sibylle; Kerry-Krause, Matthew J.; Jaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Dratva, Julia
2019Health information seeking behaviour of Swiss German parentsJuvalta, Sibylle; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik; Baumann, Isabel; Dratva, Julia
2019Parental digital health information seeking behavior in Switzerland: a cross-sectional studyJaks, Rebecca; Baumann, Isabel; Juvalta, Sibylle; Dratva, Julia
10-Dec-2020Parents’ health information seeking behaviour : does the child’s health status play a role?Baumann, Isabel; Jaks, Rebecca; Robin, Dominik; Juvalta, Sibylle; Dratva, Julia