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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2017Adapting Shakespeare for virtual reality : defining an integrated research frameworkRall, Hans-Martin; Reinhuber, Elke; Weber, Wibke
9-Mar-2017Authenticity in comics journalism : visual strategies for reporting factsWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2012Between data visualization and visual storytelling : the interactive information graphic as a hybrid formWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
25-Apr-2013Between entertainment, information and news : comics as a medium for nonfiction storytelling. Historical parallels and future optionsWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2015Between facts and fiction : visual authentication strategies in comics journalismWeber, Wibke; Wang Ziyan, Amanda; Rall, Hans-Martin
2013Between tradition, imitation and innovation : interactive information graphics in AsiaWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2015Comic und Journalismus : alles andere als lustigWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
8-Oct-2018Comic und Journalismus : alles andere als lustigWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2013Comics journalism : insights into a new genreRall, Hans-Martin; Wang Ziyan, Amanda; Weber, Wibke
1-Sep-2019Comics journalism and animated documentary : understanding the balance between fact and fictionWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2013Cómo comprender los gráficos interactivos : Perspectivas de la investigación en un formato periodísticoWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2012Data visualization in online journalism and its implications for the production processWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2016Design and journalism : challenges and opportunities. A dialogue between two culturesWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2015Drawing the news : comics journalism as the new subjective journalismWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2015Ernst, subjektiv, nicht witzig : Comic als Medium für journalistisches ErzählenWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2014Hybride Konstruktionen bei interaktiven InfografikenWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2012Interactive information graphics and comics : the future of a dynamic relationshipWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2012Die interaktive Infografik als hybride Darstellungsform im Online-Journalismus.Weber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
2013Interaktive Infografiken : der Blick nach FernostWeber, Wibke; Rall, Hans-Martin
30-Nov-2019Multi-layered visual realities : the image-image relationshipRall, Hans-Martin; Weber, Wibke; Reinhuber, Elke; Harzenmoser, Deborah