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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
Jul-2020Directional trends in species composition over time can lead to a widespread overemphasis of year‐to‐year asynchronyValencia, Enrique; de Bello, Francesco; Lepš, Jan; Galland, Thomas; E‐Vojtkó, Anna, et al
28-Jun-2023Functional trait trade-offs define plant population stability across different biomesConti, Luisa; Valencia, Enrique; Galland, Thomas; Götzenberger, Lars; Lepš, Jan, et al
7-Mar-2022LOTVS : a global collection of permanent vegetation plotsSperandii, Marta Gaia; de Bello, Francesco; Valencia, Enrique; Götzenberger, Lars; Bazzichetto, Manuele, et al
8-Nov-2023Mediterranean springs : keystone ecosystems and biodiversity refugia threatened by global changeFernández-Martínez, Marcos; Barquín, José; Bonada, Núria; Cantonati, Marco; Churro, Catarina, et al
10-Jun-2021Root traits explain plant species distributions along climatic gradients yet challenge the nature of ecological trade-offsLaughlin, Daniel C.; Mommer, Liesje; Sabatini, Francesco Maria; Bruelheide, Helge; Kuyper, Thom W., et al
2-Nov-2023Rooting depth and xylem vulnerability are independent woody plant traits jointly selected by aridity, seasonality, and water table depthLaughlin, Daniel C.; Siefert, Andrew; Fleri, Jesse R.; Tumber-Dávila, Shersingh Joseph; Hammond, William M., et al
2019sPlot : a new tool for global vegetation analysesBruelheide, Helge; Dengler, Jürgen; Jiménez‐Alfaro, Borja; Purschke, Oliver; Hennekens, Stephan M., et al
1-Sep-2021sPlotOpen : an environmentally balanced, open‐access, global dataset of vegetation plotsSabatini, Francesco Maria; Lenoir, Jonathan; Hattab, Tarek; Arnst, Elise Aimee; Chytrý, Milan, et al
Sep-2020Synchrony matters more than species richness in plant community stability at a global scaleValencia, Enrique; de Bello, Francesco; Galland, Thomas; Adler, Peter B.; Lepš, Jan, et al