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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2023A survey on role of blockchain for IoT : applications and technical aspectsMathur, Shikha; Kalla, Anshuman; Gür, Gürkan; Bohra, Manoj Kumar; Liyanage, Madhusanka
2022A survey on the use of blockchain for future 6G : technical aspects, use cases, challenges and research directionsKalla, Anshuman; de Alwis, Chamitha; Porambage, Pawani; Gür, Gürkan; Liyanage, Madhusanka
Dec-2020Convergence of ICN and MEC for 5G : opportunities and challengesGür, Gürkan; Porambage, Pawani; Liyanage, Madhusanka
2024Emerging directions for blockchainized 6GKalla, Anshuman; de Alwis, Chamitha; Gochhayat, Sarada Prasad; Gür, Gürkan; Liyanage, Madhusanka, et al
1-Aug-2022Integration of ICN and MEC in 5G and beyond networks : mutual benefits, use cases, challenges, standardization, and future researchGür, Gürkan; Kalla, Anshuman; de Alwis, Chamitha; Pham, Quoc-Viet; Ngo, Khac-Hoang, et al
18-Aug-2020The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with 5G technologiesSiriwardhana, Yushan; De Alwis, Chamitha; Gür, Gürkan; Ylianttila, Mika; Liyanage, Madhusanka
10-May-2021The roadmap to 6G security and privacyPorambage, Pawani; Gür, Gürkan; Moya Osorio, Diana Pamela; Liyanage, Madhusanka; Gurtov, Andrei, et al
4-Nov-2020The role of 5G for digital healthcare against COVID-19 pandemic : opportunities and challengesSiriwardhana, Yushan; Gür, Gürkan; Ylianttila, Mika; Liyanage, Madhusanka
2020The role of blockchain in 6G : challenges, opportunities and research directionsHewa, Tharaka; Gür, Gürkan; Kalla, Anshuman; Ylianttila, Mika; Bracken, An, et al