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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2023TEASER : simulation-based CAN bus regression testing for self-driving cars softwareBirchler, Christian; Rohrbach, Cyrill; Kim, Hyeongkyun; Gambi, Alessio; Liu, Tianhai, et al
2022Test smells 20 years later : detectability, validity, and reliabilityPanichella, Annibale; Panichella, Sebastiano; Fraser, Gordon; Sawant, Anand; Hellendoorn, Vincent
2019Testing with fewer resources : an adaptive approach to performance-aware test case generationGrano, Giovanni; Laaber, Christoph; Panichella, Annibale; Panichella, Sebastiano
2019The cloudification perspectives of search-based software testingMartin, Diego; Panichella, Sebastiano
2019Ticket tagger : machine learning driven issue classificationKallis, Rafael; Di Sorbo, Andrea; Canfora, Gerardo; Panichella, Sebastiano
2020Toward a technical debt conceptualization for serverless computingLenarduzzi, Valentina; Daly, Jeremy; Martini, Antonio; Panichella, Sebastiano; Tamburri, Damian Andrew
2020User review-based change file localization for mobile applicationsZhou, Yu; Su, Yanqi; Chen, Taolue; Huang, Zhiqiu; Gall, Harald C., et al
2021Using code reviews to automatically configure static analysis toolsZampetti, Fiorella; Mudbhari, Saghan; Arnaoudova, Venera; Di Penta, Massimiliano; Panichella, Sebastiano, et al
2021What do class comments tell us? : an investigation of comment evolution and practices in Pharo SmalltalkRani, Pooja; Panichella, Sebastiano; Leuenberger, Manuel; Ghafari, Mohammad; Nierstrasz, Oscar
2021What do developers discuss about code comments?Rani, Pooja; Birrer, Mathias; Panichella, Sebastiano; Ghafari, Mohammad; Nierstrasz, Oscar
2021“Won’t we fix this issue?” : qualitative characterization and automated identification of wontfix issues on GitHubPanichella, Sebastiano; Canfora, Gerardo; Di Sorbo, Andrea