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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
6-Jun-2017Forecasting correlation structuresSchüle, Martin; Ott, Thomas; Schwendner, Peter
2016Forecasting correlation structuresSchüle, Martin; Ott, Thomas; Schwendner, Peter
2014Generating low-dimensional denoised representations of nonlinear data with superparamagnetic agentsEggel, Thomas; Christen, Markus; Ott, Thomas
2008Global dynamics of finite cellular automataSchüle, Martin; Stoop, Ruedi; Ott, Thomas
2-Sep-2020Going for 2D or 3D? : investigating various machine learning approaches for peach variety identificationWróbel, Anna; Gygax, Gregory; Schmid, Andi; Ott, Thomas, et al
2012Hebbian principal component clustering for information retrieval on a crowdsourcing platformNiederberger, Thomas; Stoop, Norbert; Christen, Markus; Ott, Thomas
Jan-2010Hebbian self-organizing integrate-and-fire networks for data clusteringLandis, Florian; Ott, Thomas; Stoop, Ruedi
2016Humans and algorithms : creation and measurement of economic value in demand forecastingPeter, Kauf; Ott, Thomas
2012iGräser - das innovative und benutzerfreundliche mobile Gräserbestimmungs-Tool fürs iPhoneKrüsi, Bertil; Lustenberger, Petra Irène; Hepenstrick, Daniel; Ott, Thomas
Nov-2020Impact of noise and network size in coupled maps with asymmetric influence amplificationMiniussi, Myriam; Ott, Thomas; Fellermann, Harold
2014Improving the forecast of freight transport demand using machine learning and time series analysisBruckmann, Dirk; Jackson, Clare; Ott, Thomas; Weidmann, Ulrich
Jun-2018Influence networks in financial markets : forecast scenariosSchüle, Martin; Ott, Thomas; Schwendner, Peter
2016(Machine × Human Learning)^n – Partners Learning Together : KeynoteOtt, Thomas
2015Micro-text classification between small and big dataChristen, Markus; Niederberger, Thomas; Ott, Thomas; Aryobsei, Suleiman; Hofstetter, Reto
2011Predator-prey dynamics in Hopfield-type networksNiederberger, Thomas; Merlo, Olivier; Ott, Thomas
2018Producing complex networks using coupled oscillatory circuits with evolutionary connectionsUwate, Yoko; Ott, Thomas; Nishio, Yoshifumi
2013PV-Tracking-System auf dem Skilift in Tenna - eine erste Auswertung : Annual Report 2012Koller, Christoph; Kellenberger, Remo; Ott, Thomas; Meyer, Thalia
2013Quantified coherence of moral beliefs as predictive factor for moral agencyChristen, Markus; Ott, Thomas
Nov-2020Self-organized division of labor in networks of forecasting models for time series with regime switchesGygax, Gregory; Füchslin, Rudolf Marcel; Ott, Thomas
2009Semi-supervised classifiaction with single-layer isingtronsMürset, Urs; Ott, Thomas