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Issue DateTitleInvolved Person(s)
2010P-Drive on-road : internal scale validity and reliability of an assessment of on-road driving performance in people with neurological disordersPatomella, Ann-Helen; Tham, Kerstin; Johansson, Kurt; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
2017Patterns of everyday technology use and activity involvement in mild cognitive impairment : a five-year follow-up studyHedman, Annicka; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Nygård, Louise
2013Patterns of functioning in older adults with mild cognitive impairment : a two-year study focusing on everyday technology useHedman, Annicka; Nygård, Louise; Almkvist, Ove; Kottorp, Anders
May-2010Patterns of time processing ability in children with and without developmental disabilitiesJaneslätt, Gunnel; Granlund, Mats; Kottorp, Anders; Almqvist, Lena
Dec-2009Perceived difficulty in everyday technology use among older adults with or without cognitive deficitsRosenberg, Lena; Kottorp, Anders; Winblad, Bengt; Nygård, Louise
Dec-2013Perceived difficulty in the use of everyday technology : relationships with everyday functioning in people with acquired brain injury with a special focus on returning to workLarsson Lund, Maria; Nygård, Louise; Kottorp, Anders
Jul-2014Perceived difficulty in use of everyday technology in persons with acquired brain injury of different severity : a comparison with controlsFallahpour, Mandana; Kottorp, Anders; Nygård, Louise; Lund, Maria Larsson
Mar-2013Psychometric evaluation of a scale to assess satisfaction with life among people with intellectual disabilities living in community residencesBergström, H.; Hochwälder, J.; Kottorp, Anders; Elinder, L. S.
2010Psychometric evaluation of an assessment of awareness using two different Rasch modelsKottorp, Anders; Petersson, Ingela
8-Jun-2017Psychometric limitations of the 13-item Sense of Coherence Scale assessed by Rasch analysisLerdal, Anners; Opheim, Randi; Gay, Caryl L.; Moum, Bjørn; Fagermoen, May Solveig, et al
2016Psychometric limitations of the center for epidemiologic studies-depression scale for assessing depressive symptoms among adults with HIV/AIDS : a Rasch analysisGay, Caryl L.; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Lerdal, Anners; Lee, Kathryn A.
2013Psychometric properties of KIDSCREEN-27 among childhood cancer survivors and age matched peers : a Rasch analysisJervaeus, Anna; Kottorp, Anders; Wettergren, Lena
Oct-2011Psychometric properties of the Fatigue Severity Scale : Rasch analyses of individual responses in a Norwegian stroke cohortLerdal, Anners; Kottorp, Anders
Jun-2010Psychometric properties of the Fatigue Severity Scale : Rasch analyses of responses in a Norwegian and a Swedish MS cohortLerdal, A.; Johansson, S.; Kottorp, Anders; von Koch, L.
2019Psychometric properties of the German version of the pediatric evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI-G) : a factor analysisSchulze, Christina; Meichtry, André; Page, Julie; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz
Jun-2013Psychometric properties of the HOME inventory using Rasch analysisGlad, Johan; Kottorp, Anders Börje Mauritz; Jergeby, Ulla; Gustafsson, Carina; Sonnander, Karin
Apr-2012Psychometric properties of the Worker Role Interview (version 10.0) in mental healthLohss, Isabel; Forsyth, Kirsty; Kottorp, Anders
2013Rasch analysis of the General Self-Efficacy Scale in a sample of persons with morbid obesityBonsaksen, Tore; Kottorp, Anders; Gay, Caryl; Fagermoen, May; Lerdal, Anners
2018(Re-)establishing familiarity : resumption of occupations by older adults with physical disabilitiesBontje, Peter; Alsaker, Sissel; Asaba, Eric; Kottorp, Anders; Josephsson, Staffan
2011Readiness for technology use with people with dementia : the perspectives of significant othersRosenberg, Lena; Kottorp, Anders; Nygård, Louise